Who Is Dr. Pimple Popper?

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My name is Rebecca Stanek. I have a large knot on my neck getting larger and starting to cover my my spinal cord.
Does it hurt? red ? swelling? it's in the skin or under the skin? Can it move? you should see a dermatologist or surgeon!
I think I have a lipoma on my midriff . I have this for 2 yrs,no pain, it sticks up about 2 inches, but I can make it almost flat too. NOW I wish I still lived in So Ca. I worked in Beverly Hills for 15 yrs I would like your opinion as to what this is.Thank you
Lipoma situated just under the skin, they commonly occur in the neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms and thighs, they're soft and doughy to the touch. They also move easily with slight finger pressure. Lipomas are typically less than 2 inches (5 centimeters) in diameter, but they can grow. What you described, the location, size, and easy to make flat, sounds like a lipoma. Of course no one is sure before seeing and touching it.
Who can I connect that haas the skills of of dr pimple popper near Greensboro NC
DR Justin Wu Doctor of Medicine Address: 501 N Elam Ave, Greensboro, NC 27403 Phone: (336) 832-1100 I got his info from Bing.
I would appreciate if you had a name on Maui that I could see. I have large growth size of large baseball.
I may have cushings disease. Would that cause it?
It feels like it could be sucked out, soft. Thank you
Where does your knot grow?
when cushing syndrome is full-blown, common symptoms are:
Rounded, rosy face
Weight gain, especially upper body
A fat pad in the upper back or base of the neck (you may hear this called a "buffalo hump")
Thinning skin that is easy to bruise
Being very tired
Weak muscles, especially when using your shoulders and hip muscles
High blood pressure
High blood sugar levels
Depression and anxiety
Kidney stones
Sleep problems
Extra hair growth on your body and face
Irregular periods
I am looking for a dr in my state or community that could help with a lipoma. Near portland maine
I am looking for a dr in my state or community that could help with a lipoma. Near portland maine
I am looking for a dr near my community of Portland me
Hi Mary. Lipoma isn't a serious disease, and it doesn't require treatment. If it bothers you, you can see a dermatologist, general sergeon or plastic surgeon. Info of the best doctors for lipoma near the Portland Me.
1. Dr. Verne Weisberg, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, 33 Years Experience, 1685 Congress St., 301, Portland, ME. Phone number:(207) 358-4732. He offers lipoma removal.
2. Dr. Jarrod Daniel, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, 7 Years Experience, 1685 Congress St., Ste. 301, Portland, ME. Phone number: (506) 804-4472. He offers liposuction.
Hope it will help!
Hola tengo una bola en mi espalda , ya tengo muchos años con ella pero me gustaría quitármela porque no estoy segura si ya me está afectando dolores que tengo en los hombros
Google translation: "Hello I have a ball on my back. I've had it for many years but I would like to take it off now, because I'm not sure if it's causing me shoulder pains."
Go to see a general surgery surgeon and get a CT scan. Since it has been present for many years, it is highly likely to be a benign tumor.  As for the shoulder pain, it may be not related with this tumor. There are many causes for shoulder pain, such as frozen shoulder.
Traducción de Google: Vaya a ver a un cirujano de cirugía general y obtenga una tomografía computarizada. Dado que ha estado presente durante muchos años, es muy probable que sea un tumor benigno. En cuanto al dolor de hombro, puede no estar relacionado con este tumor. Hay muchas causas para el dolor de hombro, como el hombro congelado.