What Are the Symptoms and Risk Factors of Esophageal Cancer?

3 Answers

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I can't get a majority of food to get to my stomach, it gets stuck to my breast bone area & it comes back up!
Have you seen a doctor? Have you been diagnosed with any disease? it can be  esophagus cancer, gastroesophageal reflux disease,gastric cancer. you should see a doctor ASAP.
Its not an answer i am taking care of my better half with esophageal cancer & liver disease  i am so so SAD I AM LOSING MY BESTFRIEND AND MY LOVE IN OPERABLE
@Jill, it sounds something is blocking there, if you haven't got a diagnosis, you should get one.
@Ms. Duggins, when the esophageal cancer is diagnosed, your medical team should make a suitable treatment plan so I'm not going to chime in here. If you're worried about getting foods through the esophagus, an esophagus stent may be a solution. The stent is placed in the esophagus, make it expand so as to let the food pass through.

I'm sorry to hear this is happening on you, however, you have to stay positive so your beloved can feel confidence and hope from you. You're his power now.
I just found out I have it.  Scared to death.  Scared for my wife who has ms.  So I started reading on line.
I’m still in the hospital and will go home tomorrow with the news.
I want to see more about distal esophageal mass. I can't seem to get there from what I am looking at.
Hello, a distal esophageal mass could be a tumor, hematoma or cyst.
I can't eat or drink anything without it hurting so bad going down into my stomach. What can I do for this ?
Hi, you will need a gastroscopy, it's a tube going down the stomach via throat and esophagus. The tube carries a sensor that shows the image of your esophagus and stomach.