What Are the Symptoms and Risk Factors of Peripheral Neuropathy?

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I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and body itching. Should I see a neurologist? I was also diagnosed with brain lesions iny brain 15 years ago, and was told they were benign at the time
yes, you Should see a neurologist. drugs help this situation. Besides, you should recheck the brain lesion.
Are conditions such as auto immune diseases easily diagnosed with obvious symptoms?
Hello, the current pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases is unknown, which can affect various systems of the whole body, and the clinical manifestations are more complicated. It is difficult to diagnose clearly by symptom alone.
What’s the difference between PAD
And nerve poly
Etiopathologically, peripheral artery disease causes narrowing of the peripheral legs, with symptoms of leg pain, coldness, claudication and sensitive to touch.

Peripheral polyneuropathy is caused by peripheral nerve problems, with clinical symptoms of hand/leg pain and/or numbness, tingling.