What Is the Best Exercise to Cure Vertigo?

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I have vertigo repeatedly
  It is devastating
  Can you help me?
The occurrence of vertigo has multiple factors, which may vary according to the etiology. According to the etiology, vertigo can be divided into peripheral vertigo (aural vertigo), central vertigo (cerebral vertigo) and other causes of vertigo.
Peripheral vertigo:

1. You should keep your mind at ease and eliminate tensions and concerns.
2. When seizures occur, you should rest in bed. The room should be quiet, the air should be clear and the light should be darker. Avoid irritating foods, tobacco and alcohol, and eat less salt.
3. It is not advisable to go out alone during the intermission period in order to prevent accidents.
4. Avoid irritating foods, tobacco and alcohol, and eat less salt.
Self-massage can prevent vertigo recurrence and alleviate symptoms.
1. Preparatory: Sit in a chair, slightly straight waist, feet on the ground shoulder width, eyes flat or closed slightly, breathe well, relax, sit quietly for 1-2 minutes.
2. Rubbing and pressing the Zanzhu Point and Taiyang Point: Put the middle finger and thumb fingertips of both hands on the same side of the Zanzhu Point and the temple respectively, and knead and press them forcefully for 0.5-1 minute.
Efficacy: Antipyretic and analgesic.
3. Rubbing Baihui Point: Put the palm of your right hand on Baihui Point and press it forcefully for 0.5-1 minute.
Efficacy: Calm down and get rid of boredom.
4. Press and knead the auditory Palace acupoint: Put the fingertips of the index finger of both hands on the same side of the auditory Palace acupoint, and knead it forcefully for 0.5 to 1 minute.
Efficacy: Enlighten and refresh the brain.
5. Rub Fengchi Point: Put the thumb pulp on the same side Fengchi Point, the other four fingers on both sides of the head, and knead it forcefully for 0.5-1 minute.
Efficacy: Resuscitation and analgesia.
6. Comb the two sides of the push head: the hands are claw-shaped, respectively placed on the upper eyebrows on the same side, properly pushed along the two sides of the head to the wind pool point at the back of
I have EQUILIBRIUM so bad went to a ent.doctor he did all kinds of test on me I had to look at light on the wall will some special glasses on me.then they had me lay down do the bed and turned my head several ways . it stopped it for about a year but know it is back they did the treatment again for two weeks it stopped for about week and know it is back what can I do
Hi Ms. Polasek, the treatment you described, by laying you down and turning you head several ways, is the treatment to Otolith, also called inner ear cystal. You can get to that doctor and do this treatment once again.
My son recently was diagnosed with Vertigo.. He is Only 16.. And has turned his world upside down.. Its more than the dizziness that he goes thru.. The hearing is lost. The vision is blurry.. There is vomiting everytime. The balance is extremely off.. The uncontrollable drooling.. Touch sensation is not there.. Need help badly.. There is more symptoms but not enough room on this page to express
Vertigo is a kind of motion illusion, the most common is to feel oneself or the environment is rotating.

Vertigo can be caused by lesions in the peripheral vestibular system (including vestibular labyrinth and_cranial nerve vestibule), or by lesions in the central nervous system (usually brainstem or cerebellum). Basic diseases can be benign, self-limiting, or severe and life-threatening.

History features are helpful in identifying vertigo and identifying possible causes. Among them, the time course of symptoms can provide an optimal clue about the pathophysiological basis of vertigo.

Repeated vertigo lasting less than 1 minute is usually benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).

A single vertigo attack lasting from minutes to hours may be caused by migraine or transient ischemia of the labyrinth or brainstem.

Repeated vertigo attacks associated with Meniere's disease or recurrent vestibular disease usually last for hours, but may be shorter.

Persistent vertigo with acute onset can occur in vestibular neuritis, demyelinating disease (multiple sclerosis), or brainstem or cerebellar stroke.

Eye tremor is a physical manifestation complained by vertigo patients. The presence of nystagmus helps to confirm that the patient's chief complaint is vertigo, not other types of dizziness.  But there is no nystagmus and vertigo can not be ruled out.

The characteristics of nystagmus include type (horizontal, rotational and vertical), tendency to be inhibited by gaze, and whether the direction changes with the change of gaze position, suggesting central vertigo or peripheral vertigo.
Other nervous system symptoms (numbness, weakness, obvious gait disorder, diplopia and dysarthria) suggest that the cause of vertigo is central. However, even without these symptoms, central causes cannot be ruled out.

The presence of hearing abnormalities, tinnitus or earache suggests that the cause of vertigo is peripheral. However, even without these symptoms, peripheral causes cannot be ruled out.

For patients
I am just getting over vertigo but it came back on my left side.
Pat..........I have vestibular hypo function, plus vertigo.  I have been in physical therapy for years and continue to do the exercises at home after my weekly PT.  If I skip any exercises, it comes back with a vengeance. I can emphasize with you.  I had to miss my granddaughters Honors Day Ceremony at her school because I knew I would be unable to climb the bleachers, for fear of falling. Mine, also is in my left ear and was caused by teaching in a school where the principle decided the students where getting to classes on time because they didn't hear the bells. I sure as heck did and it has caused a terrible disability for me.
Yawning very big and slow yawning worked for me. I could actually feel and here popping in my head like climbing up and down a mountain fast in a car. I finally fell asleep after being awake three days.