What Are Major Causes of Vertigo?

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My daughter has Vestibular ? She is sick a lot
She can’t work a steady job anymore. She is 48.  I don’t what to do for her. All the facts? The kind of doctor she should see or the medication she should be on. She said she had a bad car accident about five years ago and has had the problems since. Can you give me info to help her
I am not sure she is getting the best treatment for her.
you should go to doctor in otology for help.
See a PT who specializes in vertogo. Have them perform some eplys maneuvers. I had vertigo for 2 years after an accident and this cured me. Such relief.
I had severe vertigo after a bad car accident. I went to all sorts of doctors including doctors like acupuncture. I had an absolute cure with my homeopath. I am now a true believer! Make sure you find the best homeopath you can - mine is a teacher at the school of homeopathy in Los Angeles.
What did the homeopath do that cured it
A qualified homeopath will select a remedy for vertigo based on a person’s emotional, mental, and physical symptom picture. There are following homeopathic remedies which are helpful in the treatment of vertigo:
Gelsemium, Phosphorous, Cocculus, Conium, Tabaccum, Zincum met, Belladonna, Glonine, Graphites, Natrum sulph, Natrum mur, Nux vomica, Lachesis, Selenium, Theridion, Gratiola, Morphinum, Agaricus, Argentum nit, Calcarea carb, Aconite, Iodium, Pulsatilla, Bromium, Baryta carb and many other medicines.
How did homeopathy help your vertigo? I’m desperately
Hi Sandra, you may like to watch the video I just uploaded, it's the exercise for vertigo treatment at home. It works for some people.
Can rainy conditions affect vertigo?
Hello, vertigo can be divided into true vertigo and false vertigo.
True (Peripheral, Vestibular Peripheral): Paroxysmal external or its own sense of rotation, dumping, degeneration, more severe symptoms, with obvious nausea, vomiting and other vegetative neurological symptoms, short duration, tens of seconds to hours, rarely more than a few days or weeks. Most of them are peripheral vestibular lesions.
Pseudogenicity (central, cerebral): for external or self-shaking instability, or left-right or back-and-forth shaking, gazing at moving objects, or aggravating in noisy environments. Symptoms are mild, accompanied by vegetative neurosis symptoms are not obvious, lasting for a long time, up to several months, mostly in the brain and eye diseases. General rainy conditions do not affect vertigo
Oh y god i have 2 of the symoths migrains and and high blood pressure. And i have high cholesterol. And diabets2. But when will it end it knocked me off my feet im in bed can someoene tell me how long will i have this i feel horriblr
These are all chronic diseases, high BP may lead to dizziness and headache, you can take meds to manage the BP. You also need meds for blood sugar.
Ihave been dealing with dizziness/vertigo. My doctor prescribed meclizine. He said my inner ear wasnt clear. Should i go see an ear nose and throat specialist? Or change meds?
What does he mean "wasn't clear"? He can't see the inner ear clearly? Or there's calcium deposits inside? Or there's fluid inside?
Did he mention you need to see a ENT specialist? If no, then no worry. Just take the meclizine. In most cases of vertigo, the symptoms will go away on its own in a period of time.
Can medication cause vertigo? Side effects
Yes, like antihypertensives (e.g. amlodipine) and anti-depressant drugs (e.g. mirtazapine).