How to Treat Vertigo?

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My wife has vertigo. Please send her excereices to treat it. Thank you Jeff
there are a few cause for vetigo.
Cerebrovascular vertigo: should pay attention to drinking more water, do not suddenly change the position, such as slamming when going to the toilet at night, are prone to cause cerebral vascular dizziness. Once it happens, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. After the diagnosis, you can give appropriate vasodilator drugs, anti-platelet aggregation drugs (such as aspirin), anticoagulant drugs.
Cervical spondylotic radiculopathy: neck gymnastics: can be designed by itself: 1 head neck slowly flexing forward and backward, left and right side bends, internal and external rotation, relaxation movement, shoulder ribs close together. 2 Sit with both hands and hold it tightly behind the pillow, so that the head is tilted back and the chest is forward to enlarge the intervertebral space. 3 supine position, neck pillow on the pillow, so that the head back, and then can turn the head left and right, can relax the neck muscles.
1)Epley reset method(
2)Dix-Hallpike method( videos on youtube
Put her foot flat on the floor