What Is Lipoma and What Are the Causes?

4 Answers

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The cause of lipoma is unknown, and a small number of patients have a family history.
I have fatty tumors and they have been taken out but they return some doctors dont want to remove them unless they get bigger so how do I have these fatty tumors
Cause is unknown, maybe genetic. Typically, surgery is done when the lipoma causes compression or block.
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What does it mean if you have tenderness and a marble size and feel lump under the skin just below the jaw?
I think I'm guessing... it could be lymph node
I have several lumps in my buttocks. They have been checked by my nurses. They really hurt. My nurses do not feel they are harmful. What can I do to get rid of these painful lumps? Thank you, Joyce
Tell the doctor you want them removed. Tell them to recommend a surgeon for you. If they dont care about what bothers you maybe you should find a different doctor. I have a mass in the front of my thigh. My doctor said it was nothing, now after several months it hurts. I’m having it surgically removed next week.
See Dr. Pimple Popper (Dr. Lee) on YouTube. She also has her own show on TLC, where you see numerous patients with lypoma issues and how wonderfully she transforms people's lives!
My husband has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel and since I have found a small lump in his forearm on the muscle, and when we massage or apply pressure directly to it, it affects the symptoms in his hand and wrist. Any idea what this could be?
Ganglion cyst is highly possible. You should consult the doctor who give you diagnosis of carpal tunnel.