What Are the Signs and Risk Factors of Lipoma?

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Could having shots in my spine cause this to form?  The site of the shot is now where it is growing.
What are your symptoms? Lipomas are benign, and surgical resection is recommended if it is too large to produce associated compression symptoms such as persistent pain.
My friend's lipoma became dark and burst, bleeding profusely
If the tumor is too large or affects the appearance, surgical resection can be considered, and the tumor should be cut down for pathological section. Pay attention to pathological results.
I just went  to see Dr today she diagmosed me having a lipoma  on my arm  my lipoma  o have hurts and burns is painful at times what causes the hurting and burning  pain my Dr said use bengay and warm  compresses  as often as  needed  so is mine hereditary or from  what
Dear, lipoma has a certain relationship with heredity. It depends on each body. Don't worry too much. This is a treatable and benign disease. I wish you health forever.
Sandra,  sounds exactly like Dercums Disease.
Can a lipoma on my lower spine be the cause of foot drop in my right leg?
Hello, if lipoma compression dominates the nerves of the right leg, it may lead to right leg symptoms suggesting to go to get MRI.
If the lipoma is in the muscle in my arm, could it be causing muscle restrictions and itching in the palm of my hand?
Barely I would say. At least not common.