How to Diagnose and Treat Common Cold?

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How long am i INFECTUOUS with a cold. Can i pass it before, or after, im starting to feel better?
80% of cold is viral infection, it takes average 7 days to recover. You can be infectious until you're totally recovered. If you're catching a bacterial infection, sometimes you don't feel recovered in 7 days that means you need antibiotics.
3-4 Days on Average,I might be late but I’m experiencing Runny nose ,But I had a sleepless night which Tripples your risk for a cold,I’m Going give a Doctor,But 15 ,But 3-4 Days ,If it Persists Check Up with a Health Care Provider!
I've heard people say viral cold recovers in 7 days, the virus go die in 7 days, but my personal experience is that you've got up to 3 tough days, then you should feel much relieved. Otherwise it can't be good.