What is cataracts and what causes it?

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Hello. I'm a 66 year old female who needs cataract surgery in both eyes, and I'm scared to death to get them done. Any advice you could give to reassure me that the surgery is ok, and I'll see better once it's performed.
Hello Ms. Shehadi, it's okay, no worry, the technique in cataract surgery is very developed and it's very safe.
Just had both eyes done , one in Jan , the other in Feb. Best thing I ever had done ! Vision is now 20/20 in one , and 20/30 on the other. Colors are so much brighter ! Still need reading glasses but not for driving. I too was scared , but with a little vaium to calm me firdt, it was a piece of cake. Do it! You won't be disappointed.
all i can say its a real eye opener lol
My mom just had it done 2 days ago and said it was quick and easy. They gave her calming meds and had her look into a light. She never even saw the tools used in her eye. The next day she saw much better using her normal glasses. Do it! You’ll be glad you did!
I am 60 and diagnosed with a cateract. Is there any home remedy that can cure it? Do other people see the cateract as it develops?
The drug is still in the exploration stage, and the cataract is mainly treated with surgery.
Are cataracts painful? I can't seem to get a straight answer!
Hello, cataracts generally do not hurt, mainly due to decreased vision, double vision and other objects. Surgery can solve big problems. I wish you health.
Can you get mild cataracts removed if you are 64 years old?
Hello Shay, you may keep watching it, no need to take the surgery right away.
Can a cataract return after surgery, yes or No? Had both left and right removed 2yrs ago and left eye is bothering me again.
Hi, the cataract can't return. A cataract surgery entails removal of the natural lens, the artificial lenses do not form cataracts, therefore a cataract cannot come back after surgery. If you feel blurred vision again, it's most likely a "posterior capsular opacification", the capsular was put in your eyes during the cataract surgery. It's easy to solve, the eye doctor will open a small hole in the capsular and the light comes in, you can see clearly. It's a simple clinic surgery, like in 5 minutes.
Hi I just found out I have Cataracts in my left eye can it be from my accident 9 years ago. I fell and hit my left side of my face really hard my eye was black and blue. It happened at Kaiser
Yes, injury is a cause to cataract, aging is another cause. In some cases, kids who had eye injury from trauma could develop cataract in a short period.