What Is Neck Pain and What Causes It?

2 Answers

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5 days I've had neck pain from top cap of spine to base of skull. Having full ache above both eyes burning in neck, any ideas
Rest as much as possible,don't increase any neck movement. The neck can be applied locally with hot towels and hot water bottles. If the pain is aggravating, I suggest you go to the hospital.
Thought I had peripheral vertigo  but that was nulled out by the ENT doctors today. I have a pinch nerve in my neck and sometimes the pain goes to the top of my skull down my left chest and shoulder down my arm with numbness. Been to the e.r. no signs of stroke. Doctor said it was a pinch nerve. What can I do to relieve my pinch nerve in my neck so my vertigo can go away? Anything will help
You may have a vestibular migraine. It is recommended that you have a cervical spine MRI except for cervical spondylosis.