What Are the Symptoms and Risk Factors of Neck Pain?

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I started having pain last evening on the right side only of upper neck rt base of skull. I can turn my head to the right but at a certain point the pain intensifies and nausea.hits and I feel like I'll pass out. The pain goes up over top of my head. Making me photosensitive to the light. If I don't move its not as bad. No pain at all on left side of neck. What is this?
Have you had a migraine attack before? Don't keep a certain position for a long time, such as looking down. From the symptoms you describe, it may be cervical spondylosis. It is recommended that you complete the cervical nucleus magnetic examination.
It bothers my vision and sometime all my teeth hurt why??
It could be sinusitis. You should visit an ENT doctor to get antibiotics for treatment.
Hi  I’ve been sick with. Cough headache and burning in my neck and shoulders. At the base of neck is burning . My energy is low . What could this be
Cervical spondylosis is possible.You may consult to orthopedist.
i have every day pain in the neck
and. my arm swells when i clean the house. with neck pain through my shoulder.
it woke me up in the night and morning
if i turn somtime
it just got me of gard pain
when i have that neck pain
i feel very ill. and down.
no matter hou i hold my hard when am sitting our in bed. it hurt so bad
it toke my daily ruthen i. my life awy
i feel like there is an infection in the neck
that are paining me the wholetime.
i dont know what more to do.
you should see a doctor , find out the cause and give you medication.
I have a pain the the left side of my neck and numbness of my tongue.
Hello, could you tell me your age and sex first? How long has this symptom been present? When was it discovered?
My neck is painful all the time to sit in one spot it becomes even worse.can't turn my head to back up the pain has been Constance for a few years but Gorton worse
Hello, through systematic rehabilitation, it can effectively slow the progression of cervical spondylosis, relieve the pain and dizziness caused by cervical spondylosis, and improve the quality of life. The specific rehabilitation treatment programs are as follows. I hope the following information will help you:

1, drug treatment. The use of drugs to expand the blood vessels of patients, improve the blood circulation in the brain, and local anti-inflammatory, can help patients relieve neck pain and relax the neck muscles.

2. Exercise therapy. Exercise can correct the patient's bad posture and strengthen the muscle strength and stability of the neck.
3. Physical therapy. Physical therapy mainly includes neck traction, cerebral circulation, low frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency treatment. Its main purpose is to relieve the tension of neck muscles and soft tissues, adjust the imbalance of the neck muscles, and alleviate the cervical spondylosis. The symptoms of pain and numbness can improve the blood circulation of the brain in patients with insufficient blood supply and relieve the symptoms of vertigo.
Hello, for the last week or so I have been noticing alot of popping and sometimes pain in my neck. And I am not sure what to do,  I do know I have bulging disc and deteriorating disc up and down my spine as well as arthritis in my back. My question is what can I or what should I do to help it?
Hello, you may have cervical spondylosis. Don't stay in the same position for a long time, such as working down or watching a computer. Do not sleep with a too soft pillow. If you need to move your head, do it gently. It is best to go to the hospital to check the cervical MRI, to determine the condition and see if there is a better way to solve it.
I have had neck pain since April 2018 it's gets severe to a 8 I have knots on back of neck sometimes and tender and the knots move..... I can't turn my neck all the way to left and hurts when looking up and down..I do have muscle spasms in lower back.... But my neck pain causes headaches starts from back of head to the front of head... And I do have osteoarthritis... Sometimes my muscles are sore and tender in legs arms or my whole body seems to hurt...
Hello Carisa, I am not a doctor, but I can tell you that I have some of the same symptoms that you are describing. I too have Osteoarthritis, but I also have been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, Osteopenia, Foriminal Stenosis, Spondylosis, and Degenerative Disk Disease; coupled by moments of paralysis. My pain level is severely extreme. I am scheduled for Anterior Cervical Disectomy with Fusion surgery that will be followed by a Lumbar Laminectomy with Fusion surgery a few weeks later. My suggestions to you is to seek medical assistance from a doctor who specializes in the Spine and Neurological procedures. Get a diagnosis so you can get the proper treatment right away. One of my conditions called Spinal Stenosis, if left untreated can cause death. I hope I helped you by sharing my experiences. I just learned about all of my diseases in May 2018, through an MRI and Xrays. It is now October 2018, and my conditions has become so severe that surgery it's my only option. Early detection is the key, and the differ
I went through all of that. I was referred to a Dr. that put Botox injections in my neck. maybe 15 shots in all. I got these shots every 3 months. My first shot I knew it was gonna work. My whole body felt relaxed. Insurance pays for the injections. What you have is cervical dystonia. The doctor knew what was wrong when I came in the door. Good luck
I have a poor neck, I didn't take any surgery, when I turn around my neck sounds like sand paper. It's because the cervical vertebrae, muscle, ligaments rub each other. This also means that the joint lacks sufficient lubrication.
I have degenerative disc disease. Currently I have 3 missing disc in my neck. Have had those removed and a small titanium plate out into give my neck some support. I now am experiencing pain on left side. Possibly oh a disc. On prednisone and muscle relaxers. I am having pain in the left upper part of neck. Every time I move my neck side to side of sometimes up or down I get a popping sound very similar to popcorn in a microwave. If this not better by end of meds, he will run a MRI to see if this is a disc. I am 73 years old and I am very worried. My last disc surgery was 14 years ago.
I am at the point of SEVERE NERVE SPAMS!! When I let my body relax for just a few minutes. The actual pain dose not start until after the muscles, start to spams. My body stays hyper extended at 45 degree angle. PCP prescribed Roxbain for muscle spams. I am 57 year old female. I cant take the pressure anymore this has been going on for right at 3 weeks now. As a result I have had my third mini stroke 2 weeks ago. Dose anybody know if this a pinched nerve. My neck has always been bad. but now its worse I feel like I am paralyzed most of the ftime.
I would agree it's nerve pain.
I. Have. Pain in. My neck. Very. Bad. Pain

swollen glands to in my neck sore throat trouble swallowing very bad pain