What Is Canker Sore and What Causes It?

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I’ve had a procedure about 6 years ago that in this GI Scope Procedure, one of  my small instentines was punctured which caused my body to go into sepsis shock and was given less than 1% of survival due to the blood infection.  I “NEVER” experienced a cold sore or canker sore up until this horrible ordeal!” Six years laters, for at least a year to two years, I have been suffering with “recurrent canker sores”!”  Everyday I’m with “severe” mouth pain, the recurrent sores aren’t aggravating for reoccurrence “BUT”  the sores are “deeper” and spreading more!”  I have been to my family care physician, gastro physician, ENT physician, dentist, oral surgeon, oral pathologist, and a internist; unfortunately not one being able to help treat for healing.  Recently, someone mentioned to me that I should consider seeing a hematologists. Do you think I should check into this?  I did have labs drawn about 6-9 months ago, and the results were that I was borderline anemia, low K,  vitamin B deficiency, low zinc, folic acid, and abd TSH
Recurrent aphthous ulcer is a common disease. The cause is unknown and difficult to cure, honestly. Some people may suffer ulcers frequently. There are people who have seizures for ten years. Suggestion is to eat more green and fresh vegetable, quit smoking, limit alcohol, drink green tea, avoid beverages with sugar. Sprays or oral tablets can be used to relieve the pain.

Vitamin B and zinc are important in mouth ulcer prevention, you should get supplements.

Another thing is, do you have constipation often? If you can have regular bowel movements, the ulcer may relieve.

Is your blood sugar normal? If you have a high blood sugar, the ulcer will be hard to cure.
I am 58 and have had sores my whole life. Sometimes 10 at a time. Any fruit that is acidic or anything with tomato sauce can cause it for me. Sometimes just being worried about something can cause them. I have found by eating a handful of almonds daily as soon as I feel one coming on will help it go away within a couple days without it getting bigger. I try to  follow an alkaline diet as much as I can when I start to get a sore . This hasn't totally eliminated them but it has helped tremendously.
A certain degree of reflux is physiological. Physiological reflux often occurs after meals and lasts for a short time without symptoms, and rarely occurs during sleep.
Pathological reflux is associated with symptoms or mucosal lesions, often occurring at night.
GERD is a disease caused by gastric reflux that causes annoying symptoms and/or complications.
According to the appearance of esophageal mucosa shown by upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, GERD can be divided into:
Erosive esophagitis-erosive esophagitis is characterized by endoscopic lesions of the distal esophageal mucosa with or without annoying GERD symptoms.
Non-erosive reflux disease-non-erosive reflux disease or endoscopic negative reflux disease, characterized by troublesome GERD symptoms, but no damage to esophageal mucosa.
Typical symptoms of GERD include heartburn (heartburn) and reflux.
Heart burn is usually described as a burning sensation behind the sternum, most commonly after meals.
Reflux is defined as the sensation of gastric contents flowing into the mouth or hypopharynx [2]. Patients usually reflux with a small amount of acid in undigested food.
Other symptoms of GERD include dysphagia, chest pain, acid reflux, hysteria, swallowing pain, extraesophageal symptoms (such as chronic cough, hoarseness, wheezing), and less likely nausea.
Dysphagia is often caused by reflux esophagitis in the case of long-term heartburn, but it may also indicate the presence of esophageal stricture. Swallowing pain is an uncommon symptom of GERD, and if present, it usually indicates the presence of esophageal ulcer.
GERD-related chest pain is similar to angina pectoris, usually described as crushing pain or burning pain, located behind the sternum and radiated to the back, neck, jaw or arm. The pain lasts from minutes to hours, and can be relieved by itself or by the use of antacid. Chest pain often occurs after meals and can wake patients up from sleep, and emotional stress may aggravate chest pain. Patients with chest pain due to reflux can also hav
I have several cancer sore in mouth and on tongue. Please help I have tried magic mouth Wash hydrogen peroxide,ambusol nothing gets rid of them, trouble eating need to get rid of them
Um, mouth rinse and hydrogen peroxide is the right medication. You may take some supplements of Vitamin B-6, B-12 and zinc if you want. Try to relax even it's painful, stress is one of the possible causes to canker sores. If it lasts over 3 weeks, please see your dentist and get help.
drinking an occasional half cup of water with half tsp. of baking soda helps me.  Cuts down on the acidity of the stomach and mouth as well
try Kanka, sold at Walgreens, CVS res
It works great
Try tea tree mouth wash, you can find it at Health food store.
When I feel a canker sore or a sore in my nose coming on I take 3000 units of L-Lysine capsules then another dose 3 hours or so, up to 4 doses whin 24 hours. Then 3 doeses a day of 2000 units. I take 1000 units a day for maintnence. My childrens orthodontist told me about the L-Lysine when my kids would get sores in their mouth after he adjusted tbeir braces. L-Lysine is an amino-acid.
I will take Lysine to cure my canker soars   It worked very well
I had read once to use A “STYPTIC PENCIL” on Canker Sores. They’re commonly used on shaving nics. You can get these at WALGREENS, CVS, DOLLAR TREE. You wet it at the sink, and then apply it to the Canker Sore. It’ll sting quite A bit-when you apply it (you might feel it in your wisdom teeth) , but it dries them out after A while. Also, I don’t usually smoke, but  when I had A Canker Sore, and I did smoke, it dried it out, and it was gone super quick. (Like smoke A Cigarillo/skinny cigar (White Owl).
I’ve also noticed that when I eat A Banana I get A Canker Sore(s). I don’t know if it’s caused by A Magnesium allergy or what?
It's also called aphthous ulcer or aphthae. It generally develops with the irritation caused by the damaged mucosa inside the mouth and appears like colored, oval wounds. There can be many reasons for the problems of lips and mouth; however, the most important factors are poor immune system, vitamin and mineral deficiency, hormonal factors during puberty and celiac disease. Canker sores generally occur as a result of a wound inside the mouth caused by biting the cheeks or a blow to the mouth but it is not a contagious disease. Aphthae are especially frequent in puberty and more common in women. Today aphthae can be effectively treated and prescribed ointments and other effective drugs are used.