What are the symptoms and risk factors of torn meniscus?

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I had MRI on right knee which showed torn meniscus anteriorly and bakers cyst also, well a few days ago I woke up with the exact same symptoms on my left knee. Now the pain and swelling is so bad I can barely walk. I can't bend either knee nor straighten them without excruciating pain. How common is this to have both knees have torn meniscus or can it be osteoarthritis. Help I'm in severe pain and ibuprofen is not helping th pain. I had to go buy another brace for left knee but still no relief.  I have not injured either knee so I don't know how this happened, also I'm 51yrs old and very active but this has really depressed me cause I can't move
What does the doctor sugguest after diagnosing with torn meniscus and bakers cyst? anying thing about surgery? any kind of therapy except  ibuprofen? Osteoarthritis is very common. Torn meniscus  is not so much often.  You should also do MRI for left knee. See a doctor and ask for help, more stronger pain-killer can be used at this condition.
My Dr gives me hydrocodone 10/325 it makes me sick and I throw up do I stay in pain all day and take one before bed but I still awaken around 5am I horrible pain and have to go to the living room as to not wake my wife she tells me girl tell me when your in pain she says she'll get up with me I go to ER and they give me a shot of tordol and tordol pills they really work if you can go to pain management you tell them you need hydrocodone 10/325's 600 mg gabapentin and 20 mg baclafen and also tordol call me let us talk in person 210-318-7654 I'm in San Antonio I hope you are here but give me a call I'll give you some tips to ease y'all's pain
Just wonder if you take any statin for cholesterol-lowering.
Cholesterol-lowering statins are not effective to control the pain nor helpful to the torn meniscus. For a torn meniscus, a knee MRI is a must! After the MRI, you should consult your orthopedic surgeon about the next move. Frequently, arthroscopic surgery is needed in many cases.
BOTH of my knees are SWOLLEN and they HURT bad...I can't BEND my legs or even STRAIGHTEN them well without feeling bad DISCOMFORT and STIFFNESS....I also can't WALK to good for long cause it's so painful....I've noticed that both knees are making POPPING sounds also and that even hurts like he!!...(Both knees), have some small BRUISES on them in spots and both knees are also DISCOLORED....I don't play sports, I only work retail...No, I haven't been to my doctor yet but I do plan to go......My doctor is on vacation....I'm just worried....Can you tell me what this is and what could have caused this please? Thank You
Common reason: bone tumor、certain connective tissue diseases, such as: arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. The fast way to get to know is to see a doctor, have blood tests and X-ray for knees.
I'm going through the same thing. I'm having a total knee replacement
Same here. I just had my right knee replacement a week ago, it hurt for some time. My dr advised icing, I did, and now the pain lessens. I also exercised by stretching the calf muscles before walking and I moved a lot. I think it's fine now.
Had been running on the track everyday and one day I woke up my knee was swollen and stiff ..the inside of my right knee hurt so bad right where the meniscus is...it's been about a month since I've ran the sweeping had stopped the pain was minimal so I decided if test it in the treadmill and did a couple sprints for 30seconds and the pain was back... I can sit or lay for a while and when ever i d get up if have to limp for a while because of the pain. I need to hear some advice
Hello, you have to stop running, it's typical knee injury from sports. When you begin limping you need to see a doctor. Take some exams, including an x-ray at least.
I need to know how to treat menouis
I have to have surgery.the pain is so bad i can't woek
I have a torn miniscus on my right knee which I had about fours years ago.  Everyone said to have a knee
replacement. I'm not sure what to do.  i am having alot   of pain.what should I do?
Hi Pam. In this situation, you should consult an orthopedic surgeon specializing in articular problems. I think some physical examinations and CT/MRI are probably necessary to determine whether a knee replacement therapy is needed.
Hi Pam...I have had a knee replacement and now I am looking at surgery for a torn medial meniscus...I tore through it and the posterior horn of my good knee. Knee replacements are not done for a torn meniscus. Now if you have severe damage from arthritis, or tears to PCL, ACL, etc, they could choose to do a replacement rather than repair, or remove the meniscus. You do not need a meniscus to walk and depending on the severity and type / location of tear, PT can help. I have had several back surgeries and repair to my right knee when I was a teen, decades before my replacement on that knee.  You are up and walking the same day if no complications. However knee replacement has been the most painful and drawn out recovery I have ever had. Would have a dozen back fusions and abdominal surgeries before I would ever volunteer to do that again. Some people recover easier but for me I had blood clots and a minor staph infection afterwards. My sister had to have hers redone and then a third surgery due to hardware issues...all that in less than a year. You must also realize that you basically have an amputation, they just don't have to sever all the skin and major blood vessels. As a result, it can take up to a year for nerves to heal and that can be painful. Cold will bother it afterwards, arthritis can still become an issue. You must do a lot of PT and for me it took over 2 yrs before it healed enough that I can say it was worth it pain wise. My injuries were not repairable so I had to have the replacement. With all of that said, I wouldn't rush to have it replaced until your out of options. Talk to your doctor and if it's just your meniscus, try PT first. If it's other damage, than go for the replacement but don't expect to instantly be completely pain free and running marathons. Your recovery either way will take time and work. The amount of effort you put in, especially staying on the continuous motion machine as much as possible ( they will send one home with you), will be a big factor in your recovery in terms of range of motion. I hated that thing but it keeps scar tissue from building up and permanently limiting the bending of your knee even after you have recovered. Good luck
3 day by the computer is being done now here in West Virginia But the computer makes all of the parts as though it were your own knee. No more metal pieces to cut or trim.
Where in WV, what doctor? I currently need a knee replacement for 4th degree osteoarthritis,  but he says I’m too young, I had arthroscopic surgery with meniscus repair 10 years ago and need it again now after a bad fall. I just wish there was new technologies and it sounds like there may be?
Some torn menisci require surgery. The surgical options are:

Meniscus repair – restoring your meniscus to its prior shape by stitching the torn parts together
Previous technology made it difficult for surgeons to treat certain tear types and tears located in certain parts of the knee – until now. Ceterix technology empowers surgeons to stitch tears that were previously difficult to treat.

Meniscectomy – permanent, irreversible removal of part or all of your meniscus
Partial or total meniscectomy, which is sometimes indicated, may provide immediate relief of symptoms. Depending on how much meniscus tissue is removed, it may significantly increase the chances of developing osteoarthritis, which may lead to a total knee replacement.
There are several best hospitals (Abbott Northwestern Hospital) for knee replacement. For more information on recommended hospitals and doctors, you can check it out on this website (sorry, external links are not allowed, but you can simply input "best hospitals for knee replacement" and you'll notice the link on top of the page)

In recent years, a new cutting-edge technology for knee replacement has been developed rapidly. It is called minimally-Invasive Surgery (MIS). You can consult your doctor about it. Good luck!