What Triggers Chest Pain?

31 Answers

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Please for about a week now, I've been experiencing severe pains in my throat and my chest whenever I try swallowing; being solid foods and water. Its really hurts and I seek for a solution.
Hello Mr. Lord, if the pain occurs only when you swallow it indicates the problem lies in the throat and esophagus. Better take a upper GI endoscopy to see what's wrong there.
Hi I've been feeling sharp stabbing pain in my chest it happens sometimes but it leaves quick do I need to check myself with doctor
The chest pain from heart disease often lasts several minutes, for your reference.
I am having a burning stabbing sensation that started in the center of my chest and has moved to the left side. What can this be. My blood pressure is 128/68
Maybe it's acid reflux, however no one is sure until the test results come out.
A burning sensation is usually from acid reflux, a heart attack may cause a feeling of pressure or squeezing. BP is fine, please try to drink some water, see if any improvement. If it's acid reflux, you should feel relieved after drinking water. Keep watching it out though.
Had a endoscope earlier today I am. Ow having chest pains could this be from scope
Hi Sharon, this is interesting. Last year, my mom had an endoscopy, after that she had chest pain, it's almost in the middle of two breasts. I was worried so I called her doctor, actually I also called my boyfriend who is a cardiologist, her doctor said it's not because of the endoscopy, my boyfriend said it might be sprain of muscle. Anyway, she had the pain right after the endoscopy, and the pain lasted for a week to go. I still think it's caused by the endoscopy, even no doctor admits so.
I have upper chest pain. I also have trouble breathing. And my middle of my back hurts at times. What would cause this pain.
Any type of chest pain could affect one's breathing. What were you doing when your back hurt? If you feel chest pain and occasional back pain when you do something that strains your muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage or other structures related to the bony spine, e.g. jump-up in response to phone ringing, the pain is musculoskeletal.
I have a discomfort in my chest on the right side it does not hurt but feels stressful exspec*ally when i am walking and today i had sweating along with it
Middle of chest pain happened after eating. It is sore when it's touched.
This could probably be related to your esophagus or a chest cage problem. It is advised that you consult with you doctor to do a full physical examination and some tests to figure out the exact problem.
My chest is have a aching feeling like it's on fire why is this? I do have bronchial asthma
Asthma does not seem to cause this feeling. This symptom could be caused by a variety of conditions, such as gastric ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux, heart problems etc. If the symptom persists, you should consult your doctor to determine the underlying cause.
Just had 2 stents put in my RCA and 1 in my LAD 4 days ago. I’m having pain in my left shoulder blade, left under arm, under my left breast and the back of my neck. Is this normal? Before the procedure all my pain was on the right side!
It's not normal. You should see your stent doctor soon. Normally, it would not have symptom after stent. If you still have symptom like heart attack, it means you still suffer from seriously stenosed artery or you have artery spasm.
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