What Does Chest Pain Feel Like?

2 Answers

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My husband has now been to 4 doctors.  His symptoms are as follows: 2 inches below left nipple going around his side and continues about a inch past his armpit.  I can visually see it. Very sensitive to the touch.  He is a great deal of pain almost all the time.  Heating pad and lanacain patches only provide minimal relief. The doctors say possible pinched nerve, strained muscle or torn muscles. He has had MRI, X-rays, medications,etc. Nothing concrete from anyone and no clear diagnosis. Any suggestions? Can you help?!!!!
IT sounds like a Neuralgia,if you have done all the exams excluding heart and lung problem.
does he has other disease? other symptoms?how long it has been? has he been to other places where has specific plague?
Hi did you find the cause or system your husband has or had I just felt a very sharp pain that lasted for maybe 5 to 7 minutes it’s been 40 minutes now and I still feel the pain but not as painful like it was.

It hurts when I breath ( shortness of breath)
For the past weeks my heart rate at resting will go up to 117 but right now it’s 69
Go to ER asap
Did you find out about your husband? I have the same issue and I think is pericarditis or embolism been going on 5 weeks does he hurt more when he plays down or deep breaths omg this pain is ridiculous
I have high blood pressure lmao having like sharp pain that comes and goes  it's a little on the left side
HOW long does the pain last? is it related to physical exercise?
next time, go to the hospital and have a EKG.