How to Diagnose and Treat Peripheral Artery Disease?

4 Answers

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i have hip and leg (calf)pain, cramping, tiredness in my right leg when walking or excersising but goesaway when i rest.
it seems like you are suffering  Peripheral Artery Disease, you should have a unltrasonic test for arteries in lower limb.
I have had peripheral Arterial Disease for a few years.  All they tell me is it is in my file.  I sent a email to find out what can be done.  So far I have not received an answer.  I do not want to die to soon.  I wnt on Google and was told there is a Vitamin that could help, but I cannot afford it.  Could you help me.
you should take Aspirin and Clopidogrel and statin, if it's caused by atherosclerosis.
If the condition goes worse, you may need stent implant.
i have PAD for 9 years ( diagnosed) and had fem-pop bypass 9 years. Bypass failed but did open collateral vessels and they were able to put in a stent.
I started having severe and quick onset claudication pain and had my studies done. Found blockages with angiogram in the cath lab, I  ( stressing I ) think that i got a blood clot in the main artery with my stent . ( I had two teeth pulled 2 days before pain onset and was off my blood thinners)
Went to cath lab but still have major pain week later and can't  walk. Any thouhgts?
I am very sorry to hear about your situation. do you take anti-platelet drugs daily, like asprin and Clopidogrel, and statin?try to . since you have by-pass and stent, i think there is no better choice out there. try to get more information from your doctor.
I am a male,68, overweight. Both hips and knees replaced and both rotator cuffs repaired all in the last 11 years. I feel ok. I was walking  3 miles a day 2 years ago. I also walked 18 holes on flat courses. I take meds for high BP and high cholesterol, along with a baby aspirin  I have been on these for about 25-30 yrs. I recently( last yr. or so) have developed serious finger and toe nail deterioration. I have developed loss of leg hair and slow recovery from leg scratches/cuts. I have severe 'cramping' in my rt. lower calf. My PT said it was "like massaging a cinder block " it was so hard ( and painful ).  Whats my next move ?
have you done test? is there any hits? "serious finger and toe nail deterioration"should think about diabetes ,Diabetic neuropathy, diabetic microangiopathy. Other Tests should be taken. You should go to hospital and sind out the cause.
"cramping' in my rt. lower calf",Blood electrolytes and trace element should be tested.