Does Anxiety Cause Breathing Problems?

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Every time I experienced a n anxiety attack I had been asleep and I woke up having problems breathing of course then I panic and it gets out of hand. I have since learned to talk to myself to calm me but I’m afraid to go back to sleep. Once I finally doze off I feel better.
I think you should see a Psychologist who may give you suggestion and ways to calm yourself.
Hi...this is happening to me also. I am not glad you are having them but I am relieved to hear I am not the only one. I do have anxiety but I have "never" had them at night before. I t really scares me because the night ones are so much worse than the day. :(
Exactly! I've had anxiety for years. A few weeks ago, I got a headache and my main symptom was that it felt difficult to take a deep breath, like it wasn't going all the way through. It is hard to explain. Anyway, I tried some herbal stuff like phytocillin and bronchial syrup as well as things like mucinex, sudafed, etc. and my symptoms didn't really go away. I spoke with my doctor and he told me the only thing he felt going on with me was anxiety. He told me to meditate or just think about something to relax. I tried to use these apps (like one for healing/relaxing hypnosis and another with several healing sessions involving touch and meditation) and didn't see major results. And things got worse at night. It felt like my chest was tightening up and breathing became laborious, like it was not automatic anymore. I just couldn't control it. Perhaps I’ll go to a psychologist for help. Still, it’s really a comfort to know I’m not alone.