How To Treat Atelectasis?

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I had a Thoracotomy with Decortication to R lung in June 2018 due to an Empyema. Today the Dr. told me I still have atelectasis in base of R lung. Will this ever heal and should I be worried?

Thank you!
it can be healed as the infection have been treated by surgery. A small region of atelectasis in the base is not serious.
I have been diagnosed with stele tasks in lingual  this was Monday and I have not yet heard from Doctor. What should I do.
Hello, the doctor should help you find the cause of the language barrier and treat it for the cause. You can contact the doctor on your own initiative. Try to be less active and wait quietly.
will a spirometer clear up left basilar atelectasis when otherwise lungs are clear?
It depends on what causes the basilar atelectasis. If it is caused by obstruction, such as tumor blockage, spirometer does not help; however, if it is caused by ineffective breathing, spirometer would help you to breathe and re-expand the lung
Thank you.  It was caused by chest surgery and I did not use the spirometer In the hospital.  Bottom of my left lung collapsed according to my chest x-ray.
Hi, basilar atelectasis following surgery is extremely common. It is primarily caused by long-term lying in bed that causes inadequate respiration of the basilar lungs. By several weeks after surgery, when you can get out of the bed and inhale/exhale normally, the basilar atelectasis disappears in most cases.
Thank you for you information.