Is Depression Different from Anxiety?

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I have PTSD and traumatic depression
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The approaches with the strongest evidence include behavioral and cognitive-behavioral therapies such as prolonged exposure therapy,[136] cognitive processing therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). In addition, brief eclectic psychotherapy (BEP), narrative exposure therapy (NET), and written narrative exposure therapies also have a evidence.

A meta-analytic comparison of EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) found both protocols indistinguishable in terms of effectiveness in treating PTSD; however, "the contribution of the eye movement component in EMDR to treatment outcome" is unclear. A meta-analysis in children and adolescent also found that EMDR was as efficacious as cognitive behavioral therapy.

Furthermore, the availability of school-based therapy is particularly important for children with PTSD. Children with PTSD are far more likely to pursue treatment at school (because of its proximity and ease) than at a free clinic.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

The diagram depicts how emotions, thoughts, and behaviors all influence each other. The triangle in the middle represents CBT's tenet that all humans' core beliefs can be summed up in three categories: self, others, future.
CBT seeks to change the way a person feels and acts by changing the patterns of thinking or behavior, or both, responsible for negative emotions. CBT has been proven to be an effective treatment for PTSD and is currently considered the standard of care for PTSD by the United States Department of Defense.  In CBT, individuals learn to identify thoughts that make them feel afraid or upset and replace them with less distressing thoughts. The goal is to understand how certain thoughts about events cause PTSD-related stress.

Recent research on contextually based third-generation behavior therapies suggests that they may produce results comparable to some of the better validated therapies.[148] Many of these therapy methods have a significant element of exposure[
What is the best medication for depression? Ive tried many, but i find that hormone replacement therapy works best but doctors are reluctant to prescribe them.
I had pycnogenol,at the beginning for the skin,it made me happier and positive. Been onit 4 years. still work. if i take a break like 10 days I can feel the differece. I might depress again If I totally quit it.
Why not listen to your doctor?
You know in north euriope where people barely see the sun, suicide rate is super high. So Philips developed a type of lamp, in simulation of sun light, to relieve depression. My point is, sun light is the best natural remedy.
LexPro is relatively new. it's an antidepressant that also treats anxiety in the long term. although depression and anxiety sometimes go hand-in-hand they are totally different things I would describe depression as a feeling of sadness hopelessness sometimes it even physically feel pain from depression inside of you but it's different for everybody and unless somebody has ever suffered from depression they would never truly understand just because they've been sad doesn't mean they understand depression you'll know these people because I'll tell you I'll just get out the house to go for a walk go to the gym and what they don't understand is those are exactly the things you least feel like doing I would explain or describe anxiety as the most worthless energy in the world you're full of extreme energy but it's good for nothing my experiences with anxiety have made me want to run and jump off a bridge just to stop the racing thoughts and the panicky feeling inside I suffer from severe depression and anxiety this is just my own personal opinion I am no medical professional I've only done my own personal study I would suggest if you feel like harming yourself that you call for how and always understand that depression comes and goes so if you're having suicidal thoughts I would definitely call and let somebody know and if there's nobody to call just know that if you can make it through the night does fillings usually do pass or at least lighting up to where you could bare them. In the moment I know that you can feel so hopeless and you feel like the world is just better off without you your kids would be better off without you everybody would be better off without you and you feel like you're a burden to everybody but this is not true this is the devil or negative energy or negative part of the universe or are your own negative self-talk working on you death is so final in regards to Earth I don't believe it's the end of the road I believe our energy is transferred and we move on but that's going to happen to all of us in time so it's best that we deal with the struggle try to figure out a way to ease the suffering and try and be a contributor for me I don't have the key I don't have the answers I think I might be onto a little something but helping others does make me feel better but all I know is that the feelings will pass so hang in there it definitely call for help if you feel like it's unbearable if you have to just call 911 and tell him that you're having the most hopeless unbearable bout of depression and you don't know what to do they will know what to do and they were at least take you to the hospital and the doctor will at least give you something to go to sleep and hopefully when you wake and talk to somebody who understands depression and anxiety you could start Jamaica recovery but the most important thing is you made it through the night sometimes we just have to focus on the day the hour the minute the moment there's been times where I've had a pistol in my hand and had to talk myself just to the moments so hang in there I'm 41 I've been dealing with depression as far back as I could remember before I even knew what depression was I did that well and drugs experiment with them in my twenties at one point I had doctors telling me that the reason why I suffer from depression and having xiety is because of that drug use but that's a lie because I had those feelings before I believe that's why I experimented with drugs I believe I was self-medicating especially with alcohol and opiates know that you're not all alone millions of people deal what do spellings they just put on a mask and appear to be happy and Mike everything is okay so my best advice is ask for help even if it's from a stranger take it day by day hour by hour and if you have 2 minute by minute cuz if you usually look at it and not particular second you're okay or at least okay enough God bless if this helps anybody.
Your experience is helpful, so is your recommendation.When I was suffering from depression, I use Wellbutrin SR in the morning, and Lexapro in the evening. I used it for years. Wellbutrin SR helped me to be more energetic while Lexapro helped me to sleep better. However, one should tell her doctor  everytime when he or she want to start , stop decrease or increase any antidepressant medications. Antidepressant medications should be taken carefully.
I take seraqual 300 mg. Lamictal 100 . Also a very high dose of Effexor.. I sleep gd, happier, more motivated than long time ago.  I sat in my house, for. 5to 7 days, was so depressed I was suicidal for yrs. And yrs. Praise the Lord for his help in my life!!!!