What Is Hemochromatosis and What Causes It?

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Internet will only bring up iron deficiency diets.  Keep asking for lists of foods no iron but nothing comes up.
Hello Ms. Marla, there're a few rules for your reference.
1. Iron is carried in protein, foods with no protein contains no iron. This means foods of fat, including oils, mayonnaise, butter.
2. Sugar and artificial sweetener don't contain iron.
3. Meat, diary, vegetables, fruit, seafood all contain iron, however it's impossible to avoid all of them. You can only choose the low iron foods.  A simple way is to check on the color. Foods rich in iron is red or black, say pork, beef, red bean, sesame,  foods lower in iron are white, like milk, cheese, egg white, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, white mushroom, kohlrabi.
4. Some foods reduce the absorption of iron, what helps you is tea(green, black), and foods high in calcium.
How do I lower my blood iron , it's been jumping up and down from 53  to 57 the plasma center said it to high to donate plasma , I drink plenty of water  2%milk and water at least a gallon a day what's wrong
The normal level is 11~30 umol/L. High plasm is Mainly found in iron granule anemia, chronic hemolytic anemia, severe liver disease and hemochromatosis. In acute hepatocyte damage, such as acute severe hepatitis, the iron content in the serum increases as the stored iron in the liver is released into the blood. In hemolytic anemia, serum iron can also increase due to the large amount of iron in the red blood cells entering the bloodstream. In addition, when the utilization rate of iron in the body is reduced, ineffective red blood cell production, accompanied by increased destruction of bone marrow red blood cells, such as aplastic anemia, iron granulocyte anemia, globin-forming anemia and chronic hemolysis, or lead iron poisoning The content also increases frequently.
You  should see a Hematologist.