What Is Acute Blood Loss Anemia?

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After my cystoscopy to remove a Stones & scrape a staple, I did Not receive proper follow or any infection drugs that had me going back to the hospitial with Gross hematuria,to receive blood,all because of this doctors negligence,I lost 2 units of blood,& a very Bad Urinary tract infection.I now have Anemia,& am trying to get my strength back...What are your recommendations.
based on WBC in blood test and urine test and urine culture,do you still suffer from Urinary tract infection? urine culture can show what kind of infection do do you and which anti-biotic is effective. if you till have infection ,take the effective drug. as to losing 2 units of blood, do you mean Hb is dropping? it's possible that you suffer from these procedure and infection, you may get better as these situation pass away. what you can do is try to eat and sleep normal.
Can you lose blood without knowing it?
In many cases, the cause of anemia is occult blood bleeding. Bleeding in digestive system and Gynecological diseases is common.