What Is Muscular Dystrophy and What Causes It?

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Does smoking affect the muscles?
THere is no evidence of scientific research. But,smoking leads to Atherosclerosis, which can affect muscle.
And how do you know that smoking leads to having muscular dystrophy??
Muscular dystrophy occurs when certain gene is defective. No study has proved smoke is associated with muscular dystrophy.

On the other hand, smoking is associated with Atherosclerosis, if the Atheroscelerosis occurs in the peripheral arteries, general muscle weakness occurs. Muscle weakness doesn't equal to muscular dystrophy, of course.
Interesting, a mice study indicates muscular dystrophy is linked to atheroscelerosis. In the study, a mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy tends to form larger atherosclerotic plaque due to a deficiency in dystrophin production. Dystrophin is absent in sufferers of muscular dystrophy.
A group of hereditary diseases proggressively wasting of muscles; sketal muscles degenerate and are replaced by fat, fibrous scar tissue.Caused by sex-link traits with a mutation in genes where muscle protein dystrophin is lacked.