What Is the Diagnosis and Treatment of Muscular Dystrophy?

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I have myotonic dystrophy 2.  I was under the impression "use it" or "lose it"  If you stop going up steps or walking you lose your ability to do those things.  My dr said that's not true with dystrophy.  If that were the case the cure to dystrophy would be work out daily.  Could someone please clear this up for me. Thank You.
Hello, currently there is no cure for essential myotonic dystrophy.
Hello Ms. Battaglini, to some point your doctor is right, "use it" isn't a cure to dystrophy, there's no known cure for dystrophy, it's a genetic disease, the cure might come up with the development of gene technology. But physical therapy is one of the treatment options, "use it" is similar to physical therapy, I would still stand on the side of "use it".
Hello Ms. Battaglini, I'm a fan of " Just do it", and I would like to say exercise is good in every way. Most of people with Dystrophy have a normal lifespan, when you get old you still want to do things on your own, otherwise being alive will be less attractive. By using the muscle at least you can feel them every day. I used to play basketball, if I want my buddies stand by my side, I spend time with them. So as your muscle, your muscles are your buddies.
I have had fsh dystrophy for 12 years now, that is the one question that could never get me a answer other than we don't know. I have found out through living it that no the faster and harder you use it the faster you lose it. Hard lesson learned, my advice is to preserve and conserve all you can, the longer it lasts. Hope this is helpful.
In Washington University School of Medicine, reseachers use Lithium to boost muscle strenght in muscular dystrophy, the test was run on mice, result is promising. This can be a good news or at least hope for families with one of the members having this rare disease.