How Is Low Blood Pressure Related to Anemia?

3 Answers

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I have the same problem had it for 7 years noone has figured out the cause any idea whom i should see next
do you feel dizzy and fatigue. how old are you ?
do you have heart problem, like heart failure , cardiomyopathy?
Physiological hypotension (physical hypotension) is more common in elderly and women. Usually,there is no significant symptom.
Hi i have been told by drs that my hemoglobin levils are low an that I'm not anemic because my levils tho low they say arnt bad .I don't understand? I have low blood pressure 90/51 ( an is rare I get above 3 didgets ever) my body temp is always low 96/low 97s,I have extremily heavy periods which I get extreme chills during an lightheadiness dizziness confusion tired Ness ect I have tried repeatedly addressing this with Dr with no results.I have tried iud but became allergic an. Can't take a lot of hormone things to help due to adrenal gland tumor . this is REALLY effecting my life and I can't get drs to listen do u have any suggestions please ..thank u
if you hemoglobin is above 100g/L, normolly you wouldn't feel any blood pressure is ok. adrenal gland tumor is the real thing you should concerned. it can cause symptoms like these. why don't you have it removed?
I've had low pressure for many years, low sugar as well. I'm anaemic to the point I receive iron infusions once or twice a year and B12 shots on e a week. Lately I've had headaches with dizziness to the point of stumbling or falling. My blood pressure in the last week has been 88/66, 121/48, 100/69, 117/69 and so on. Can you give some advice concerning this problem.
Has your Dr. identified the cause of anemia? Get the anemia corrected and then you should feel okay.