How Long Does Vertigo Last?

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Can I work with vertigo?
When you feel dizziness you better get some rest. The symptoms will disappear in a few days, when you recover it doesn't affect your work.
Hi I had vertigo about 3 years ago after about 2 weeks it just went away but alas 5 days ago it showed its ugly face again,im told this often happens my Sis/I law had a body 5 years ago and hers went away but now back,I've found sleeping on my back helps bc if I go on my side the room spins and I'm literally hanging on to head board,also when I bend over its bad,I have headaches with mine to,I have a neighbor who got PT for hers and its stayed away, but she said the PT Was awful as they put you into dizzy mode to move the crystals into the right place in the ear,hoping mine goes away soon my Doc told me it never goes away for good
I have had the symptoms of vertigo for about 4 days now an went to the er an they gave me a shot for nausea cause everytime i stood up i got sick . The shot helped me a little but i still don't have my balance back to normal, will my balance come back
If it's vertigo, the balance will come back. Period of vertigo varies among people, some lasts for a few hours, some for a few weeks.
I too have Vertigo.
Also went ER,was given a shot, given Exercises to do.
Some days are better then others.
I have had Verito for about 2 months now, I do recommend the 'Epley Manuver'
I switch back and forth between different ways to relieve my dizziness
Kelly...its been a month for me and im wondering if it will ever go away..if yours has gone away by now ide love to know. do we just wait it out? ive done the excercises but with no relief
Hey Jeanette. Have you seen a doctor? There are many conditions that could have symptom like this. Since exercises didn't help, it might be due to some medical condition that requires treatment. I recommend to consult a doctor ASAP.
I have had vertigo going on 5 months Saw Drs Tried different medicine  Therapy for dizzy exercises. Many tests , Getting worse lately Stagger when I walk trouble concentrating at times Use to be when getting up positioning of head now most of day This has to stop soon Frustrated
Sometimes, vertigo is notoriously difficult ot treat, even for experienced hands. Given you have tried various methods, I would only advise you to see an ENT specialist.
Look for this tea... Té Cereyil (vertigo)
I have it’s my second day dealing with it . Hope it go away ! I just want get back normal self . I have miss 2 days of work. I get up I feel lightheaded and feel sick .. then I lay down feel lightheaded.
Anonymous, I feel the same as you and the two days of missin work I don't like. I need this to go away and never return. I did go to the E.R. and he prescribed meds for dizziness and for nausea and vomiting. So I will see what comes about all this dizziness along with headaches.
Have you saw a doctor? If the signs persist, you d’ better perform physical check-up such as brain MRI to confirm the causes.
I've had verdigo for almost 3 days now,I went to the er,they gave me a shot for my dizziness and not as dizzy like I was before.but I want this to go long more?
It's hard to tell how long it will last. Waiting for it to get better on its own is not recommended; it may persist long with the underlying cause untreated. You should go to the hospital to check the cause of vertigo.
I have vertigo now and on 3rd day. I had it for the first time in my life a few months ago. I went to urgent Care and the Doctor did the Epley manuever and we discovered it had already gone.
I'd missed work and it's back. This is the 3rd day. I feel weird after it happens but no nausea. It's hard sleeping and at work I almost passed out when I tilted my head back.
It seems that you suffered from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), one of the most common causes of vertigo — the sudden sensation that you're spinning or that the inside of your head is spinning.

Even after successful treatment for your BPPV, it can come back. However, you can come up with a plan at home to help keep future bouts at bay. You should:
Be aware of your chances of falling.
Sit down at once if you feel dizzy.
Use good lighting if you get up at night.
If your BPPV comes back, you can take steps to deal with your symptoms until you see a doctor. For instance, you can:
Avoid sleeping on the affected side.
Sleep with two or more pillows under your head.
When you wake in the morning, lift your head slowly and sit on the side of the bed for a moment before you stand up.
Avoid bending over to pick things up.