What Is Oral Herpes?

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What are treatments for oral herpes?
Hello, oral herpes includes oral herpes simplex, oral herpes zoster, hand, foot and mouth disease. Here are some suggestions for you in three areas, I hope them will help you:
Recurrent herpes simplex
Hydrocortisone and neomycin cream can be used, 3% to 5% acyclovir ointment. Those with low cellular immunity can use levamisole;
2. Oral herpes zoster
(1) General treatment: rest, give a digestible diet and plenty of water. Prevent secondary bacterial infections. Do not rub the affected area to avoid blister rupture.
(2) drug treatment: 1 glucocorticoid therapy is the primary and main drug treatment of the disease. Diabetes, tuberculosis, stomach ulcers and pregnant women are used with caution. Hypertension should pay attention to control blood pressure. 2 antiviral drugs commonly used acyclovir (acyclovir), can also be used ganciclovir, famciclovir or valacyclovir (lovir). 3 neurotrophic drugs vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 and other intramuscular or oral. 4 drugs to improve facial nerve microcirculation 5 painkillers can be applied to painkillers when severe pain. 6 other transfer factors, normal human immunoglobulin injection.
3. Hand, foot and mouth disease
(1) general treatment If the disease is uncomplicated, the prognosis is generally good, and it will heal more within a week. Mainly for symptomatic treatment. 1 First isolate the child, the contact should pay attention to disinfection and isolation to avoid cross-infection. 2 symptomatic treatment, do oral care. In case of severe herpes and ulcers in the mouth, wash it with light saline or 0.1% clonidine solution. 3 clothes, bedding should be clean, clothing should be comfortable, soft, and often replaced. 4 Cut your baby's nails and wrap your baby's hands if necessary to prevent scratching the rash. 5 hand and foot rash can be coated with calamine lotion at the beginning, 0.5% iodophor can be applied when herpes is formed or herpes is broken. 6 babies with rash on the hips should clean their urine at any time to keep the buttocks clean and dry. 7 can ta