What Are the End Stages of ALS?

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I've been taking care of my mother with ALS for over 20 years this is the first time where she's complaining everything hurts kind of breathing a little more often not sure if this is the end
From your description, it's getting worse. You should see a Neurologist to find out. The most dangerous thing is Respiratory muscle dyskinesia,leading to Difficulty in breathing, hypoxemia.
Can ALS patients have ascites in early stages?
In my opinion, rarely.
My husband is 76 and has Parkinson’s disease. He has had 2 DBS surgeries. In April of this year he was finally diagnosed with Bulbar onset ALS    His speech is almost gone. Some swallow and breathing issues.  He used Trilogy machine and the Vest.   We are experiencing some episodes of muscle spasms..   I would like to know what stage we are in as well as stages I can expect.  Thank you.
I posted a picture that describes the ALS stages. Hope you can find it helpful.

The staging of ALS is shown in the picture.