Can I Get Gallstones After Gallbladder Removal?

1 Answer

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It happens to me twise, I had gallbladder removed 2014 and stayed in hospital in days and went home but after 2 days I went back to ER for pain that I can't take it anymore and they finds out after x-ray,  sonogram,  CT scan  and finally nuclear Ct -scan that there  is a leak as big as needle and there's a lot of  liquids already.  And I stay in hospital almost 3 weeks from the leaks. Then 2018 before thanksgiving I have pain again that bring me to ER to remove a gallstone, but dec. 31 again went to ER. to remove another gallstones but since then I have pain  that doesn't go away only if I took Norco.  What's the cause of the pain? I had done endoscopy and colonoscopy and another ct-scan and my Gi Doctor said all is normal and no cancer.
Adjust your lifestyleto prevent new stones, eating breakfast on time in the morning, drinking more water, etc.
If your doctor says it's clean, you should be fine, try to relax, keep hydrated.