What Is Sundown Syndrome?

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My father is 84 years old he has Dementia and is in the hospital today, he was just admitted three days ago
 My mother passed away with it and or the symptoms at age 56 I’m her son his son 57 years old and concern that I have signs of it
Please anything you can do for me and my family would be so Appreciative
do you mean that your parents both have dementia? you want to know your chance of having it and how to avoid it?
i am not sure there ia a way to make it better. don't live in worry , try to make everyday count.
What is sundown syndrome?
Can alcoholism symptoms manifest as sundowners symptoms?
Sunset syndrome occurs in some patients with Alzheimer's disease or Alzheimer's disease due to insufficient blood supply to the brain. Although most of them can return to normal within hours or days, this acute cerebral insufficiency is often a precursor to cerebrovascular accidents and heart attacks. Alcoholics are relatively rare.