What Are the Side Effects of Having Cataract Eye Surgery?

30 Answers

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Feels like the lens is moving around in my eyes. Feels like rocks in my eyes. Can't lie on my side because it feels like the pillow is pushing the lens. I have black lines at the side of my eyes. Its been 2 months since cataract surgery. My vision is good
Hello Seona, if you've had intraocular lens, this is the feeling.
In march and last one in april, here it is now august, and i have terrible headaches, is the normal
It's not normal, you should get a check-up, a brain CAT scan is necessary.
I have scar tissue after my cateraact surgery is that a easy fix had nothing but troubles with the surgery first a cateraact left in eye flushed it out now scar tissue frustrating
Hi, scar tissue after cataract surgery isn't that easy to fix, it doesn't happen a lot in the first place. You'll need a good eye doctor.
Please help I still have a shade in left eye and so much clear at night hard to drive went in to get spots and came out worse the went to West bay they kept telling me nothing was wrong everything is wrong..o need help no one seems to care
Hi, did you have the lens implant? People with lens implant may have similar feelings.
Had cataract surgery in 2015 they went back in and layered something. 2018 seeing floaters every day all day what do I do.
Have to go back to your ophthalmologist.
is it okay to fly on a commercial airline after cataract surgery
Patients recovered from the cataract surgery can take commercial flight.
I,had cataract surgery at 8:30 tbis morning and my pupil is still dialated at 7 pm. Is this normal?
Yes, it's normal.
I had both eyes done in April, and stills see blurry
Hello, in this case, a further check on retina is recommended.
How long after eye surgery before you can drive?
As long as your vision is good enough to drive but not on the day of cataract removal.
Will the drooping eye recover?
No, it won't. Drooping eye may be caused by nerve damage or muscle problem or aging. In either case, it doesn't go back on its own. If the vision is affected, surgery is the solution.
Will the drooping eye recover?