What Are the Side Effects of Having Cataract Eye Surgery?

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I had Cataract surgery one year ago. Still have problems. My eyes are itchy and have a film across them. Had symphony lenders. Is there a recall. Has anyone else had problems
The most common complication of cataract surgery is clouding of the part of the lens covering (capsule) that remains after surgery, it's called posterior capsule opacification. If you think the film affects your vision, you need a laser surgery to correct the problem.
had cataract surgery in one eye five days ago. At first the pupil was very displayed so I couldn’t stand light. Now the pupil is normal but my eye is still light sensitive. Why is this the case?
It happens. The sensitive feeling will diminish gradually.
Had my surgery 8/14/18. Still can't see clearly in affected eye and have swelling and drooping. Multiple visits to doctor who acts like I'm over reacting and just says to give it time. when do I worry? Can drive but backing up is a problem. Avoid rush hour and congested areas. I think I can feel the lens. The eye drops are driving me crazy and they say I have at least 2 more weeks of them.
Every doctor will say wait two more weeks we'll see. They're trained this way.
The cataract surgery recovery can take 6 weeks. Although a portion of people doesn't feel a thing in a few days. Since your eye doctor has re-checked a couple of times, let's wait until 6 months. Are you getting better day by day?
My one eye is always watering months after surgery
Photophobia? Light sensitive.
After my cataract surgery , a few months ago, my upper eyelids seems to fill Up with fluid & swollen every time I wake up from my sleep. Is there a treatment for this?
It sounds like infection, probably has nothing to do with the cataract. If you visit an eye doctor, the Dr. will give you medicine for this.
Get the kidney function tested, please. I think I left the message at the wrong place earlier.
Does the swelling do down after getting up or drinking a cup of coffee? Do you feel any pain? Infection, you'd feel pain, and the swelling doesn't go off easily.
Please test the kidney function.
After cataract surgery 9 days ago I was informed kens could not be put in cause I suddenly had a wandering iris what happened? Can it be fixed. Doc said it is very rare?
Did you mean wandering eyes from iris defect? Iris defect can get repaired.
I had cataract surgery on both eyes about six weeks apart. My right eye first, everything great; my left eye on Nov 8th and I am having problems. For about two hours after I wake up I am in pain; my left eye seems to throb with a sharp pain in the top left area. After a couple of hours everything is fine but later in the day the pain returns and glare is a huge issue. I also feel the left lens constantly - thoughts? Suggestions?
The pain isn't common, I'll recommend you to get checked by your eye doctor.
Pain post cataract, there're a few items to check upon, including eye pressure, anterior chamber angle and the artificial lens, so you'll need to see your eye doctor.
I had cataract surgery 2 weeks ago I am having problems at night halos. And spotlights also lights of light going through alllights is that normal
Often an eye doctor will wait and observe until 6 weeks after the surgery.
I had cataract surgery 2 months ago (both eyes). I stated having double vision now, and cannot drive. My vision has been very good my whole life. I'm 84 yrs old, and still get by with only using Dollar Store half glasses for reading. Any one else have double after Cataract surgery?
Cataract surgery brought on double vision for me as well, among other things.
Double vision isn't rare post cataract surgery, the causes might not be the same. You may check on your own. Use the eye after surgery alone, do you have double vision? If so, it's likely associated with the len shift, or called dislocated lens . You'll need to go to the eye doctor. If you have double vision with both eyes, this is not associated with the cataract surgery.