What Are the Causes of Eye Floaters?

5 Answers

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My optomistrist states he doesnt see anything but i see what looks like bubbles lots of them just floating around i dont have diabetes my A1c is 5 could be lower im working on it whats the next doctor up from optometrist its really affecting my vision drives me crazy especially at night its the worst
You need to see an opthomologist. One who specializes in retinas.
I’m experiencing bleeding behind my eye type 2 diabetes. Looks like floter when I close my left eye looks like flim over my right eye. I can still see just kind of blurred
An eye doctor will be able to help you, a laser treatment should be considered.
How do you get rid of eye floaters?
How to get rid or fix my eye floaters? What will help this situation?
How do you get rid of eye floaters?
How to get rid of eye floaters?
I had catarat surgery on my left eye in September and the right eye in October now I have floaters. What do I need to do?
Hello, if you have floaters you need to see an eye doctor. Floaters are common post cataract surgery, some would say they exist before you took the cataract surgery, yet after the surgery your vision improves so you see the floaters more clearly. Some of the floaters can be harmless and may disappear over time, but some can be serious, like a tear in the retina, and can leading to loss of vision. That's why you'll need an eye doctor to evaluate it.
Likely your vision acuity is so improved you are noticing them.  You will eventually disregard them.  They are just little bits of protein.  However, see your eye doctor to be certain.
My floaters to my eyes are almost like silver sparkles and at night while watching tv my right eye seems to go dark What is the cause of that?
Hello Mr. Robin, eye floaters occur as people age, the floaters are not actual spots on the eyeballs, they're shadows of blocked light. There's a gel-like substance called vitreous in our eyeballs. As we age, the vitreous clumps into small debris, the debris blocks some of the light passing through the eye, casting tiny shadows on the retina, so you feel the floaters. For most healthy people, there's no need to treat the floaters. Doctors will tell you to get used to them. If you have diabetes, eye trauma, inflammation, you'll need to see an eye doctor. If the floaters are affecting your vision, you'll need to see an eye doctor.
Hello Mr. Robin, this is a fundus disease, please consider getting checked by an eye doctor.