What Are the Causes of Degenerative Disk Disease?

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Is there a way to treat DDD . I'm always in pain and I work non-stop with drywall my legs begin to hurt now and I have a vain that sticking out that runs down to my feet
surgery may help, you should go to a Orthopedist, ask the doctor if your situation is suitable for surgery.
I had a Dr recommend a.combo of these three things and it has helped.me.immensely..krill oil, magnesium and cq10.  Take.daily and in about 7-10 you should.feel.some relief.  I did.  If I miss many days I can sure tell it.
I have had both hips replaced, rods in my back, cadaver and plates in my neck and now surgery on my left hand. My teeth seem to crack easy. Is my teeth problem part of this?
it's possible. Osteoporosis and tooth loss are common signs of Senile degenerative disease.