What Are the Remedies for Sudden Hearing Loss?

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My mother has experienced  sudden hearing loss x3, and prednisone has brought it back but it reoccur. She is 94 and takes eye vitamins, shots for now, an ENT can find nothing or audioauligist neither.  Someone is missing the boat, but who. Try another ENT? She takes no other meds, in great health. HELP!
Hello, did she lose her hearing in both ears? Or is it just unilateral hearing loss? Is it accompanied by the emergence of ambiguous state of consciousness? Is there an eye movement disorder?

Wernicke encephalopathy can be accompanied by sudden hearing loss. In addition, recurrent vertigo, a single vertigo attack lasted for more than 20 minutes, can cause tinnitus, ear tightness, hearing loss. On recovery the hearing can gradually get restored. After repeated attacks, hearing may not return to the normal level. These are the possible causes to the hearing loss based on your description.

If you can describe her symptoms more specifically, may provide you with more useful information.
Is it with one ear for 3 times, both ears for 3 times, or either left or right? If an ENT doctor thinks it's fine, you may consider a possible cause in the brain. Has she taken a brain MRI yet? It could be mini stroke.  Also I don't think it's related to vertigo, if it's vertigo you absolutely will have known.