What Are the Causes for Dry Eye Syndrome?

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I did not know that having  dry eyes is  a syndrome..my eyes have been severely dry for years.. they definitely get blurred at night while I’m driving.. I don’t drive a lot after dark.. I can’t wear contacts due to how dry they are.. I use OTC eye drops and they only feel good when I’m applying them.. this past week or so I my left eye.. it feels like there’s sand under my lids.. miserable
beside dry eyes, do you feel any other symptom, like itch, pain ,red eye?check out trachoma;
do you have thirsty, pain in joint, check out auto-immune disease, like Sjogren syndrome?
only poor vision at night, look out of night blindness, take more vitamin A.
Could double vision caused by the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater cause dry eyes
i can understand what you are talking about.
usually,  dry eye syndrome does not cause double vision.