What Is Osteoarthritis of the Hip and What Causes It?

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Osteoarthritis of the hips
To reduce the weight of the lower limbs and hips, you need to keep your diet. If the pain persists, you can take some painkillers. If it is still not relieved, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug can be injected locally.
I find my surgeon a little abrupt and not easy to get explanations. However, he has am excellent reputation. I discovered on my portal diagnosis things that weren't discussed . i knew about the severe osteoartrosos, bone on bone articulation, sub ho drL cysts but not about large osteophytes or the condition of mild symphsis as rigjjt sacroliliac joint osteartrosis. Left side slightly less severe with all the same findings. Should i be going home after surgery the next day? This sounds a little more complicated than what was first told to me.
Hello Suzette, you've had the surgery, just follow your surgeon's guide. I'd bet that he will retain you for a few days.