What are the causes for dry, itchy eyes?

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I have red, dry ichy skin on my upper eye lids.  I haven’t been putting any makeup or anything else on them since this started.  I have used Bacitracin Ophthalmis onintment on them for the pass few days.  It hasn’t helped.  I do put drops in my eyes every morning for dry eye.
Hello, do you have any extra secretions in your eyes? Do you experience fever or pain with the red and swollen skin? You can try wet compress with saline for a period of time, three times a day, 10 minutes each time, with your eye drops may be more effective. If it doesn't work, please contact your family doctor as soon as possible.
Sheila-i've read where many people use organic castor oil (walmart) for dry eyes. Use a drop at nite on each eye with a dropper. I bought the oil but haven't used yet.
For dry itch eyes, try putting a sm amt of vigin olive oil on tip of finger and put on eye lids.try not to get in eye. It won't hurt but seeing can be blurry temporarily. I have used it on the corner of my eyes when irritated! Olive oil has many healing properties!!! I have used many times on bruises earaches...
I have also used polysporin on corner of eyes-do not get in eyes.
yes i read somewhere that dry eyes are caused by deficiency in vitamins or fatty acids or something like that and olive oil is rich in these things.
the eyes cannot absorb it and blurry vision occurs when you have some olive oil in the eyes
I did not say put the olive oil "in the eyes"! Put on itchy dry eyelids!
I have the same problem. I left makeup off, and just put vasoline on my eyelids, and that seems to help and calm down the itching and dryness.