What Is Back Knee Pain?

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I have been experiencing these sudden/unexpected sharp but brief pains behind my left knee, it doesn't feel like it's the knee itself but either a nerve or something else, some days it happens several times and some days none at all. They actually went completely away for a couple of months but came back, any idea of what the cause could be?
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Lumbar disc herniation can cause pain in lower limb ,like a lightning pain. you should go to a Orthopedist.
I have had the same receptors for a very long time now, but yesterday and this morning it felt like my knee is locking up on me and I could not walk. I want to the orthopedic who said it was osteoporosis And gave me a Cortizone shot. I go back into weeks and he wants to do an MRI and see if there is a stress fraction there and we may have to discuss knee replacement. Good luck
I meant to say I have had the same problem. This has been going on for well over a year
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I have that kind of pain. I got my knee caught between the car and a cement wall and I jerked it out so now sometimes it quits on me and I hit the floor. Have been to Dr either that happened 5 yrs ago
There is a knee arthritis patient pain index score table below, it may help u do some sample evaluations.

1.Pain and discomfort score
The following score (A) is 1 point and (B) is 2 points.
(A) Going to bed at night, the foot movement will be painful or uncomfortable
(B) Going to bed at night, the feet will not hurt or feel uncomfortable
(A) Getting up in the morning, the feet are stiff or painful for less than 15 minutes
(B) Get up in the morning, the feet are stiff or painful for more than 15 minutes
(A) Standing for 30 minutes, the longer the station is getting more and more painful
(A) After a short walk, the pain
(B) It will hurt when you just walk
(A) I feel uncomfortable or painful when I get up from a position without a hand.
2.Walking distance score
The following score (A) is 1 point, (B) is 2 points... (F) is 6 points
(A) greater than one kilometer (no time limit)
(B) 1 km (15 minutes)
(C) 500 to 900 meters (time 8-15 minutes)
(D) 300 to 500 meters
(E) 100 to 300 meters
(F) less than 100 meters
(A) walking on a cane
(B) Support 2 walking sticks
3.Daily joint activity score
The following score (A) is 0, (B) is 1 and (C) is 2
08.Climb up the stairs of a floor?
(A) Easy
(B) Difficult
(C) cannot
09.Climb down the stairs of the first floor?
(A) Easy
(B) Difficult
(C) cannot
10. Can you squat?
(A) Easy
(B) Difficult
(C) cannot
11.Walking on uneven roads?
(A) Easy
(B) Difficult
(C) cannot
What is the total score?
More than 7 points may be degenerative arthritis
After completing the above assessment, if your total score has reached 7 points or more, it may be suffering from degenerative arthritis. It is recommended to consult a professional orthopedic surgeon.
I was hospitalized last week for phnemonia. This week I am having severe pain in the back of my knee. This pain was not present after being released from the hospital. Any suggestions?
The knee pain is likely to be caused by sepsis, and it could get better if you use antibiotics.
The bacteria that cause pneumonia might also invade into your knee. On the other hand, if you lie a lot during hospitalization, it is easily to form thrombi (blood clots), leading to the thrombosis in your leg. Therefore,if your pain is severe and consistent, go to the ER to have it checked.