What Is Chronic Atrial Fibrillation?

3 Answers

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I have had chronic afib  for 11 years,xeralto has been my lifeline since dx.MRI,TIA. At 78 yrs. of age,I remain very active: on roof to blow gutters,walk dogs,2x/ day,clean house,do laundry,rack yard---get it? STAY ACTIVE,A GOOD CIGAR& GLASS of WINE WON'T KILL U!  LOVE LIFE & LIVE!
Yes, I'll enjoy life for as long as I live.
I have had permanent AFIB for a few years and was just diagnosed by Mayo Clinic with wild type Cardiac Amyloidosis , which they said was probably the cause of my AFIB. No cure, no medications.
Stanford has successful cases of heart transplant in treating wild-type ATTR.
I have had chronic A Fib for 10 years.  I take prescriptions to lower my heart rate and Eliquis as a blood thinner.  I also play golf or exercise at the gym 6 days a week.  I’m age 74.