What Is Side Pain Knee?

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My knee pain is so severe that I can barely stand it. It feels like it goes from my knee too  my foot  and sometimes to my inner thigh
how old are you? do you have a clear feeling of the pain? do you have fundermental disease,like arthritis or anthrosclerosis? suggest you take a x-ray fo the bone and ultrasonic gram for aterried in the lower extremities. you should also find out do you have Lumbar Disc Herniation.
This sounds like a lumbar disc problem, the nerve is compressed so you feel pain from thigh to foot. Better take a CAT scan.
I'm having pain on the side of my knee and DO in fact, have a herniated lumbar disc.  Is this common?
If the pain is only with the knee joint, first consider it's a knee joint problem. an X-ray will show you.
Been having a similar problem when I play basketball. After 2 hours of training for a basketball league the side of my knee begins to hurt and after a while I can't put any weight on it and I can barely walk. The pain is worse after sitting for a bit and trying to stand. What could it be? How long will it last?
The pain just comes on for no reason and the pain is so bad I cry
Have you seen a doctor and do CT/MRI?
Have you tried cold compress? If this comes out from nowhere, you'd better get an x-ray.
pain is along outside of knee closer to top than bend of knee and in a definate line of about 8 to 10 inches.  it is like i drew a line with a pen  along the pain site
Is there swelling? It sounds like erysipelas, you'd better see a dermatologist.
What can I do about a sharp stabbing pain just under my knee?
how long it has been? have you take a x-ray. check out for arthritis.
Patella TendonititS. I’ve had it after doing the high jump in track and playing basketball if you need help just email me.
how to email you? I don't see your email address.
I have severe pain to my left outer side of my knee down the leg. What should I do. The pain is unbearable at time.
Have you sustained any trauma or do you have gout? How did it happen? If the pain is unbearable, it is advised that you go to the ER to get examined. If it's not convenient for you, you can take painkillers such as ibuprofen to relieve the symptoms. When available, make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and get a knee MRI scan to see what causes the pain.
What causes it? Any trauma? If the pain is unbearable, go to the ER and do a knee X-ray to have it diagnosed. Without a diagnosis, it is really difficult to suggest a remedy.
I have knee.and leg pain on my right leg,and it hurts a lot,i have had it ex rayed.and they say I have crstes under my knee.but Iwent too a onter doctor that takes care of my problem and he did a ex ray and said I had too much inflammery in my body .and said take pain pills with ibr.but I can,t because of my kindeys,so I don,t know what too get for it.
Ibuprofen is a widely used painkiller. However, it does pose some side effects that affect the kidneys. Over-the-counter Tylenol is a painkiller that has minimal effects on your kidneys. However, it may cause liver damages. Difficult decision!