How to Relieve Pinched Sciatic Nerve?

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I have a pinched nerve in my lower back and my neck my dr said i need surgery on my neck is it to late for therapy? Im a 59 yr old woman
What are your symptoms? Surgery can be considered if the drug treatment is not effective.
My wife has soreness in her neck and get numbness and tingling in her hands and fingers, what can cause that?
I got it in my face the numbness and tingling it's driving me crazy how long does it last
Very painful often
You probably have a pinched nerve go see a chiropractor save some money
Yoga works even better than massage, Yoga costs almost nothing.
I was told I had nearing of spinal cord but no information to fix it. Would exercising help for numbness in fingers of the right hand. I'm left handed?
Yes, conservative management like exercising would help to alleviate the numbness. Alternative medicine, such as acupuncture would probably help too.
I work for a Chiropractor,  I'm a massage therapist & we have pat ou wht with pinch nerves. U have to stretch the area the nerve is pinched.
Can't agree more, stretch does help. However I can't stretch anytime anywhere, I do stretch in the morning, then I go to work. At noon time I'm already tired and in pain. I can't have another round of stretch until 8 pm.
I have lower lumbar degeneration. I have 2 bulged discs & 1 torn. I live with pain every day & night but I also have pain that shoots from my buttocks down my legs. Does anyone know what’s causing this?
I can hang onto the edge of the bathroom sink or kitchen sink ledge and put feet about 1ft away and slightly spread feet. Slightly bend body over and hold onto ledge, push body back stretching lower back. You can do this almost anywhere including from the back of a stable chair. Do several times holding and counting to 10 or even 20. It will help getting you through the day!
Thanks. I'll give it a go tonight.
You have typical symptoms of sciatica, caused by nerve compression due to disc herniation. You should go to see a doctor to get surgery.
bulged disc is putting pressure on a nerve. Steroid shots may help and if not corterizing the nerve can stop the pain  be it for about 6 months. The procedure is repeatable.
I have the same thing and they told me it’s a pinch nerve
The same, a pinched nerve means nerve compression—too much pressure on the nerve. The sources of the pressure vary, disc herniaion included.
I was having pain in what I thought was my neck but turns out it's my spine in between my shoulder blades any ideas on how to stretch that area?
What's the diagnosis exactly? Cervical spondylosis? Neck flexion and extension, neck rotation, shoulder rolls, and neck stretching could help with cervical spondylosis.
I have nearing of my spinal column..I take 75mg of lyrica 2xs day for the pain there isnt a cure from knowledge just surgery if the pain   gets to severe

I'm trying to share two stretching positions that have helped me relieve my shoulder and back pain. I have degeneration of discs, cervical and thoracic. My pain is in left side, arm, fingers, back.

Please see my drawing. I'm sorry I draw badly.

So you stand, you push your arms out horizontally, with both your palms up. I always feel my left shoulder and arm aching while doing this.

The 2nd move, you stand straight, push your arms and fingers to the sky. Stretch to your limit.