Chest Pain: Do You Know You May Get Pleurisy?

2 Answers

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Ive been having really bad chest pain from right where my collar bone starts straight down through my breast area when i breath,eat or drink.Followed by throwing up anything i eat or drink.What Can it be&should i go to the ER??
Do you have a cough and have difficulty breathing? Have you ever had coronary heart disease? I suggest you go to the hospital for treatment, you need to do an electrocardiogram and chest X-ray examination.
If I have pluresy in the right side of my chest could I use a heating pad to ease the pain. Or what other home remedies could i use to ease the pain
Hello, hot compress is okay to do, only the effect is little. A lot of fruits/vegetables/herbs are recommended but the effect is very limited. If there's an infection, you've got to have it treated. Other than medication, the best relief for the pain is rest, you may try to find a position that causes the least discomfort to you and stay in it.