What Are Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Pain?

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I am having pain in the left groin upper left front & outer side also knee.  Pain is like a throbbing toothache that won’t stop. Knee just feels weird. Dr. Thinks it is my back.  I question if it could be my hip replacement.  My lower body took a bad jolt this summer.
it's possible that nerve get hurted in the replacement surgry.on the other side, you should check out do you have prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc. take advice from the doctor.
I have some lower back, hip and leg pain from thigh to calf and bucking of the knees when standing (basically unable to walk without a rollator). After 2 MRIs the problem was diagnosed as spinal stenosis. After seeing 4 neuro surgeons a decision to operate and fuse L 3 & 4 was split between the surgeons. A 5th surgeon diagnosed an issue with the sciatic nerve. He has prescribed a steroid spinal injection at L 3&4. If this doesn’t provide relief to the knee issue then other approaches will be taken.  I have been seeing Drs. at UNC, Duke and Maryland Meds in NC and Maryland. If anyone has similar problems please let me know what successful treatments were found. I have been in PT for about 1 year. This has helped but with no long term success.
As you have encountered, even doctors differ in diagnosis, let alone the optional treatments. To the best of my knowledge, your symptoms are more consistent with spinal stenosis. Although theoretically surgery to widen up the spinal canal would solve this problem, the surgery itself would also cause back pain in some patients (known medically as failed back surgery syndrome).
That sounds terrible. I hope you feel better soon. I had the sciatic pain. Intense burning sensations in my left foot that sometimes moved to the right foot. Then the shooting pains moved to the left thigh. It was very painful. Some days were not so bad, and I had days when I could hardly bear it. I had 2 surgeries to treat it. Hopefully they controlled my pain.
Hi I have a we here throbbing pain in my hipbehind my hip leg in my knee I got in a bad wreck yrs ago and it started after that
That's because of posttraumatic injury. You might need take MRI to see whether the healing tissue involves the nerve.
I fell on my knees right onto cement and I’ve been having problems with my right side of my hip down to my knee. Depending on how I lay I have problems sleeping with the pain. After the fall I had a X-ray nothing showed up but it seems to be getting worse. What type of Doctor should I see?
You need to see an orthopedist. For your previous condition about hip to knee problems, it's typical of sciatica. You may have lumbar herniation. After the fall, it may make it severer, although there was no fracture.
Thus go to see an orthopedist for further check.
Does the sciatic nerve come around the vaginal area?
it can be around the the vaginal area.
mostly ,it  presents at Hip, thigh, posterior calf and lateral part of foot.
besides, what's the cause of your sciatic nerve ? if it's Lumbar disc herniation, it means the oppression is widening. you should check out with your doctor.
it can be around the the vaginal area.
mostly ,it  presents at Hip, thigh, posterior calf and lateral part of foot.
besides, what's the cause of your sciatic nerve ? if it's Lumbar disc herniation, it means the oppression is widening. you should check out with your doctor.
Hi I saw that you asked if it could be around the Vaginal area .  Just wondering myself  because I Think my sciatic nerve is causing me bad pain in my butt down both the backs of my legs and I have a very bad pressure at the outer area of my Vagina. When I stand or walk the pressure feels very bad not to mention the pain in my butt and legs
I'm having the same symptoms what do u guys recommend I'm taking painkillers that's the Dr. gave me!
Some yoga poses are good for sciatic pain relief. I've picked some easy poses.

1. simple seated twist
2. standing twist
3. Cat-cow pose
4. Half cobra pose
5. Full cobra pose
6. pigeon in a chair
Probably seeing a chiropractor is helpful for pain relief. Chirapractor is an alternative medicine that can sometimes relieve pain that could not handled by surgery.
What can a chiropractor do to help?
I do not know how exactly the chiropractor do to help relieve the pain. However, it could indeed relieve pain in some cases.
Chiropractors use hands-on spinal manipulation to relieve back pain, the theory being that proper alignment of the body's musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine, will enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medication. They treat back pain/joint pain from a traumatic event, such as falling, or repetitive stress, such as sitting without proper back support.
Hi, my name is Monica, I reacently start having pain in my right side lower back plus the back of my right knee but also a kind of  cramp or pinch sensation in my right hand palm and foot heel, sometimes this runs up all the way to my neck. Are these part of the synthoms? Thanks.
Sciatic neuralgia is a syndrome characterized by pain in the sciatic nerve pathway and distribution area. Most cases of sciatica are secondary to the local and peripheral structure of the sciatic nerve lesions on the sciatic nerve stimulation, compression and damage, known as secondary sciatica; a small number of primary, namely, sciatitis. Common diseases: hip, thigh, leg and foot.
(1) Pain is mainly confined to the distribution of sciatic nerve, the posterior thigh, the posterolateral leg and the foot. Patients with severe pain can assume a unique posture; lumbar flexion, knee flexion, toe landing. If the lesion is located in the nerve root, the pain increases with the increase of intraspinal pressure (cough, exertion).
(2) The degree of muscle weakness varies greatly depending on the etiology, location of lesion and degree of damage. It may be that all or part of the muscles innervated by the sciatic nerve are weak or paralyzed.
(3) Sciatic nerve trunk tenderness may or may not be present at the sciatic notch.
(4) Sciatic nerve traction sign, Lasegue sign and its allelic sign are positive. The existence of this sign is often parallel to the severity of pain. Local anesthesia of sciatic nerve root or nerve trunk can disappear.
(5) Achilles tendon reflex decreased or disappeared, and knee reflex increased due to stimulation.
(6) There may be a decrease or disappearance of sensations in the sciatic nerve innervation area, including a decrease in vibration sensation of the lateral malleolus, or a very mild sensory disturbance.
It's probably not sciatic nerve pain, but it should be associated with your spine, cervical and lumbar. Nerve compression is possible.

The red area is the area that people may feel pain due to sciatic nerve oppression.