Do You Know How to Treat Pleurisy?

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Can you have pleurisy in your side?
it's possile. do you ahve chest pain? have you done chest X-ray and see if you have Pleural effusion? go to hospital and find out the reason for this.
I was diagnosed with stage 3 non small cell squamous lung cancer. I was treated with radiation everyday and chemotherapy once a week. After a short break in treatment, I started immune therapy with ocdivo. I still have infusions once a month. I always have a cough, I guess from COPD. Yesterday I started having pain in my chest, but now its pain all the way through to my upper back. Help please!
It can be the lung tumor or heart, do you feel out of breath? I'll recommend you go to ER, take a EKG, see if the  pain is heart related. Also get a CAT scan of lung.