What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica Groin Pain?

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When I move my right leg a certain way I get excruciating hot pain with needles in the thigh area  it last until I get back to previous position  does not disappear immediately but not long
It seems like you have Sciatica. do you feel lightning-like neuralgia. check out with a doctor,make sure you don't have Lumbar disc herniation.
Can it cause feeling like acid poured on me when urinate & defecate along with back, leg,inner thigh muscle pain?
yes, it can cause feelings like this.
I had surgery 9/2018 on a herniated disc L5S1 reported to having problems from 1L-5 L, So I had the surgery the pain do not go away, I have pain from my back between legs,  my toes and on the sides of my feet,   I am a female, the pain in my feet, burning and sharp pain, the pain appear, the pain also never went away after the surgery, sometime it feel like needles of sticking my in feet and in my groin, I am starting to have pain in my shoulders, middle back, arms and numbers of the finger tips
Herniated disc in L5S1 and 1L-5 L can not cause pain in you shoulders, middle back, arms and numbers of the finger tips. Did you tell your doctor about the pain from you back ,legs, toes and  feet after the surgery? what did the doctor say? Is it possible that you have other disease? you should go to the hospital and find out the cause.
Look into something neurological. I have complex regional pain syndrome and it sounds a lot like that. It can go through your whole body. I have whole body.
Having lft/right groin pain. Some days one groin improves and the other pain. Motrin doesn't help. Ice/heat relieves but pain comes back. Using cane/Walker. It's been 3months. Weakness leg/foot. Had no accidents. I'm mid 60's. Pls advise
Better have the hip joints checked. Very alike symptoms.
I have been having problems with my sciatica for some time now. The last couple of days I have been having horrible groin pain in my left side. Can this be from my sciatica? It almost puts me on the floor,
Groin pain is not a symptom of sciatica. The main symptoms of sciatica are pain, discomfort and/or numbness in the lower back, buttock or leg.

The most frequent causes of groin pain are:
Inguinal hernia
Testicular torsion
Testicular cancer
Hip problems
Kidney stones