What Does Enlarged Heart Mean?

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Can a enlarged heart be caused by. Drinking alcohol
of course. alcohol is poison to heart,Alcoholic cardiomyopathy is definitely a medical term. the final consequence is irreversible heart failure. healthy heart can be damaged by alcohol. Patient who already have cardiomyopathy is more Susceptible to alcohol.
I found out my heart was enlarged when I was 19 The pain in my chest was not bad But I went to the Dr to be sure nothing was wrong from the little discomfort I was having. Now 20 years later I am having major problems and my heart is getting bigger I may have to have surgery to get a portion of my rib cage removed so my heart will have room to beat properly Yes it has increased that much in size I am currently finding out that my heart problem is caused by acid Yes it is called heart burn But I didn't know that it is actually burning the heart My heart each time acus touch it over beats trying to fight off the problem I had no idea until a few wees ago I have like I said known since I wad 19 and over a year ago I stared seeing a heart doctor and got on heart meds But I am just now finding out what caused my problem Not only that I found out a couple days ago that I have a enlarged liver Yes the same problem acid also attacks the liver and pretty much all the organs So yo let all know acid reflux is not just a couple seconds of throat turning It is a life threatening disorder that need to be taken seriously Treat your heart burn with prescription meds not over the counter lets push it back down meds That is not a good idea It may stop the heart problem But I had to learn it is going somewhere and thAt area is also in danger So the best thing to do is avoid anything that causes your acid to go crazy
I am not sure what's the real problem you have?have you been to the doctors or run some test. what do they suspect? which medicine do you take? you should listen to the doctor
My son passed away at the age of 31 main cause . his heart was 3 times the size of a normal man he was healthy his whole life...played sports growing up served 2 tours of duty in the army....He was a little over weight....But how did we didn't know?
Dear Mrs. Regan, I'm so sorry for your loss. When your son was serving in the army his heart must be in good condition. Enlarged heart is a sign of heart problem, say if he got an acute infection like myocarditis or endocarditis and didn't get treated, his heart had to pump harder than usual, and it damaged his heart muscle, leading to the enlarged heart. I'm sure your son had a strong personality, when he was feeling somehow uncomfortable he believed he could get better in a few days.
My dr said the left side of my heart is enlarged. And I had a heart attack at home. Can it cause pain in my chest without being a heart attack?
Hi Donna, yes, an enlarged heart can lead to chest pain, especially when the enlarged heart is associated to coronary artery disease.
I was just seen by my Doctor, the hooked me up to an EKG and found the right side of my heart to be enlarged. I’ve been short of breath, and have had foot pain. My weight was increased drastically in 6 months & my diet never changed. I went to the doctor thinking it was my thyroid . Now I am told half my heart is enlarged. What can cause this to happen?
Hello Mr. Segundo, enlarged heart, or called cardiomegaly, is not a disease, but a symptom of other conditions, the conditions may be one or more of the below: high blood pressure, heart valve disease, heart muscle disease, pulmonary hypertension, fluid around your heart, anemia, thyroid disorder(both overactive and underactive), too much iron in the blood. Generally, a certain condition made your heart pump harder, this damages the heart muscle, as a result the heart chamber is enlarged.