Can You Show Me a Chart about the Blood Pressure Range of Hypertension?

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My friends blood pressure is 141 over 111. Can you tell me if this is a dangerous level?
it's not dangerous, but it should get medication. it can do harm to the arteries and get stroke and coronary heart disease later.
my reading was  150/70 should I see my doctor.
HOW old are you ?
60 years older,it's ok to let it be this level. if you also feel uncomfortable, you can go to doctor and take drugs.
younger than 60, you should see your doctor.
try to measure the BP 3 times a day(wakeup, afternoon, before sleep) and record before you see your doctor.
try to exercise, sleep well, Low-salt low-fat diet。
I'm 171 over 87.
What does that mean?
How many times you have measure your BP? measure it at least 3 times in different days, all of them are above 140/90mmHg, you are diagnosed with hypertension.
My blood pressure on Tuesday was 116/20 today Thursday it was 134/60 the medical assistant stated it was normal. I'm a little concerned looking at normal charts and these numbers are showing prehypertension. Should I be worried?
Human's blood pressure fluctuates, it's recommended to measure the blood pressure three times and take the average.
Hi, for BP reading 134/60, 134 mm Hg is in the prehypertension range. Generally doctors take 140 mm Hg as the borderline. For 134/60, no medication is necessary. Yet it's good for you to start a low sodium diet and do more exercises like walking, riding bicycle, boating, etc. For 116/20, is 20 a typo?
My presure is 132\76-- is that high?
Hi, 132/76 is normal, but higher than the optimal level. This means you may want to diet in a healthier way moving forward.

is blood pressure 96over69 bad?

It's very good, if you don't have a stroke.

Here is a blood pressure chart.