Why Congestive Heart Failure Causes Fluid Buildup?

13 Answers

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Congestive heart failure is brought on due to damage to the right vertical, where the blood is pumped into your heart. A weak or damaged heart can't keep up with the proper flow of blood needed to push it out to your body. So it builds up around the heart causing an already weakened heart to become overworked making it harder to breathe. Because blood flow isn't flowing correctly it can build up in the ankles and feet; also builds up in you stomachs causing problems for your kidneys. Watching you salt and liquid intake as well as a prescribed diuretic will help the build up of fluid.

When there is excess fluid between the heart and the sac surrounding the heart, it is known as the pericardium. Most conditions are not harmful, but they sometimes can make the heart work poorly.

The pericardium is a tough and layered sac. When your heart beats, it slides easily within it. Normally, there are 2 to 3 tablespoons of clear, yellow pericardial fluid between the two layers of the sac. That fluid helps your heart move easier within the sac.

But if you have a pericardial effusion, much more fluid will sit there. Small ones may contain 100 milliliters of fluid. Very large ones may have more than 2 liters.

My ultrasound showed high (2.7mm) fluid around the heart at 20 weeks pregnant. My doctor informed me that he measured the fluid thickness as only 1.5mm (within normal range). He explained the discrepancy: since a heart is not a perfect sphere, if the measurement is not taken at a 90 angle to the heart, then it is possible to over measure the fluid around the heart. He also explained there is a lot of uncertainty around what is normal fluid width, and the meaning, as most of the research was done in the 90s when US machines were inaccurate. He also did an echocardio and checked my blood. All checked out. I am lucky, but the whole process was terrifying. Hope this info helps others.