How BNP Levels Suggest Congestive Heart Failure?

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what is normal BNP?Mine was 579 what does that mean?
BNP is a marker for heart failure.the normal level is age-related.
i don't know how old are you? do you feel Shortness of breath,edema in the lower limb? do you have other heart disease or hypertension?
suggestion: have a Cardiac ultrasound
Hi, normal BNP is below 100 pg/mL, a higher BNP value indicates heart failure, but this needs a cardiologist to evaluate with a combination of all your test results.
84 yr old female hospitalized with vomiting and bowel obstruction due to adhesions.  BNP drawn and was 4000.  Repeat was 2000 one week later.  No signs of heart failure and no treatment.  How accurate is BNP??
BNP level is related to age. Since you don't have signs of heart failure you don't need to worry. But do have tests periodically.
What are the normal levels of nt-pro-bnp and bnp? What scale from minor to major levels are witnessed before a patient will show severe symptoms?
NT-proBNP: Less than 125 pg/mL for patients aged 0-74 years Less than 450 pg/mL for patients aged 75-99 years BNP: Less than 100 picograms/milliliter (pg/mL) If you have heart failure, the following NT-proBNP levels could mean your heart function is unstable: Higher than 450 pg/mL for patients under age 50 Higher than 900 pg.mL for patients age 50 and older